In the Beginning …

Published January 2nd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Vincent of Deviant Uprising made this incredible wallpaper depicting the Creation scene where we believe He created Mountains, Trees, and a Midget:


1440×900 | 1920×1200

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  1. beeble says:


  2. Scuba Steve says:

    It’s (sniff) beautiful *wiping away tears of joy*

  3. John says:

    I like it. I love it. I want some more of it.

  4. Jorge Banner says:

    Please educate me in the Truth of His Noodly Creation cause I want to become a better Pastafarian: when we say He created a midget, He must have created another one, didn’t He? I mean one of those with the curves down there, you know, and the other curves up there, you know, that smell good and all nice and soft (sometimes)?

  5. Aesi says:

    Nice! Too many choices for my wallpaper now though, lol.

  6. ☠DutchPastaGuy☠ says:

    Give Vincent an extra large cool beer and an extra hot stripper for that once he gets to Paradise.

  7. Momi Pink Shoes says:


  8. KaelinRing says:

    *sets as backround.

    hahaha, I love it!

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