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Published January 17th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

i stummbled onto your site and was reading r”everends “& “docs” amuzing theories, first of all the biggest proof that we did not come from monkeys is this: we use less than 10% of our brain “mister thinks he’s a genious”, you probably believe in aliens too! why don’t you research some more and you’l realize that the Bible is a scientific book way before it’s time, before people knew the earth was round, the Bible said it in genesis, it also mentions each kind of animal producing it’s own kind, every species produces only it’s own kind, another biggie is that darwin says it’s survival of the fittest, have you ever done research on the ameoba// it’s genetic make up is more complex than a chimp, so what did darwin say, that we evolved from an amoeba, right? well the amoeba is a complete organizm, it doesn’t need anything, it is completely unique and needs nothing to make it better, so how is it that through thousands of years that a chimp would emerge, having a less complex genetic make up??
darwins theory is backward thinking, you seem to know very little about genetics. the Bible also speaks about how the planets and the earth revolve, but isn’t that impossible without a modern telescope? it describes how our life is in the blood and the bones and their functions as well as many other scientific information that is well beyond even our studies, it told of germs and bacteria and how they spread and sanitation methods to avoid comtamination and such, it descibed languages and contains accurate maps that are ancient, that show how the plates shifted and the divisions of the waters, back then they couldn’t fly airplanes to be able to accurately pinpoint continents much less cities, mountains and rivers etc… you are fools, you are the ones who are naive, and that is another thing the Bible talks about over and over, it predicts with pinpoint accuracy events in the future with timetables and counting methods from the past, can you predict what’s going to happen in 6,000 years? no, you can’t, but the Bible does and has recorded haleys comet, the 10th planet nebiru
and has accurate charting that even the most intelligent geo-physicists trying to prove the Bible false, have recanted and joined believers of the Bible, because they can see that their is no possible way that the Bible can be wrong, it seems simplistic, but we are dealing with a GOD whose mind is advanced beyond any of our comprehensions., i’d like some feedback. also read the book” our priviledged planet” this book was put together by the most advanced minds alive today, scientist that work for the highest ranks of n.a.s.a. and the world!!

have you ever studied about how genetic changes occur? it would amze you to see how many zeros follow behind the number of chance. it would fill volumes of pages of zeros for 1 cell to be changed or altered in any way, it’s impossible for a chimp to have changed into a human, we are designed differently. you can never get another species from a certain species, if you could no one has ever proven it,it’s all speculation with no backing. a caterpillar changing into a butterfly is the way it was designed to become a grown up butterfly, the same with a tadpole becoming a frog,a tadpole will always become a frog, it will never become something else, that’s elementary, a mule and a horse are of the same kind, you will never get a cat or a dog from a horse. it has always been this way, the only changes you will see are demographical, people in different ares, adapt to their environment, just like dogs grow thick hair in the winter time for warmth , GOD created us this way. if you take a person from a dry climate and a person from a humid climate and switch them, their skin will change,the dry climate people will have older looking skin and dry parched skin, a person from a humid area will have supple more younger appearing skin, it’s easy to see that, we were designed that way ,i have a real deep question to ask non-believers, where did movement come from to cause the first effect??
you can’t get something from nothing, explain this and i will be amazed.

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  1. Chippolus says:

    Brother Peter;
    Excellent point on Gilgamesh. But watch the Ancient Sumerian spelling. lol
    I would take you to task on the messages in the bible making you a better person. Read Mathew.
    among others, he quotes Jesus saying that he is not here to bring peace but with a sword. That he will turn father against son, and daughter against mother etc….
    Like many others, you like the warm fuzzy part people discuss about the bible, but I suspect you have not read much of the parts that get cut out of the sermons and discussions. This I can appreciate.

  2. Captain Dave says:

    Hey j.c. did you know that electricity is just a theory, and has never been proven either?
    Of course it all makes sense, there is no such thing as electricity, or dinosaurs!

  3. Teacher of Evilution says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you jc for making my day. Yesterday I was attempting to discuss the age of the earth with my 9th grade biology class and several Christian students attempted to tell me that the earth was only 2008 years old; because that was when Christ was born. I, a teacher of evilution, had to correct them and tell them that they believe the earth is about 6,000 years old. They vehemently disagreed with me until I reminded them that they forgot about the Old Testament. I thought at that time I had met the most ignorant of human beings, but now I can have hope that these students are not the most ignorant and once again attempt to send young people to hell by opening their minds to observation, logic, and evidence.

    By the way all FSM believers the ignorance displayed in the hate mail here is alive and well. As a hell-bound teacher of biology in a conservative mid-west state, I am well reminded. Please do not assume that the ignorance is a result of poor public education. I can attempt to teach them but they are exposed to misinformation daily and I can’t compete with pressure from parents, pastors, and lay media.


  4. neonpotato says:

    Why do you come here to complain about evolution theory. We all know that it is wrong. We were all made by the grace of his noodliness.


    p.s. The bible can’t be correct – not once does it mention macaroni.

  5. Lumi says:

    We use more than 10% of our brains. Well, most of us……

  6. TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

    Not only should we teach evolution in our schools; we’d better do a better job at grammar. I see over 10 misspellings and grammar mistakes in the first run-on sentence alone! JC, if you want to be taken seriously, first please learn how to speak and write. Case in point: “it’s” is short for “it is”. When you want to use the possessive for the pronoun “it”, then use “its”.

    Now, as to the odds of evolution. Seeing as how I have a degree in mathematics, I may be slightly more qualifed that you in understanding probability. If you have BILLIONS of simultaneous “experiments” going over BILLIONS of years, and the ones that survive do so because they’re better suited to their environment, it’s not surprising, given the ripe conditions for mutation, that so many species evolved.

    Could you please give an example of the Bible’s “pinpoint accuracy”?

  7. TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

    P.S. You said “you can’t get something from nothing”. JC, isn’t that what the Creationists are attempting??

  8. Captain Philaaarrrrhhh! says:

    Wow! This hatemail could have a happy man cut his wrists on a fine spring morning.

    Moving on to next hatemail…


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