I feel really bad

Published January 19th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I feel really bad for everyone who is here and is joking on the one and only true God,who created you, loves you with all His heart and died for your sins so that you could go to heaven and not and unimaginable place of Hell where there is no strip clubs and volcanoes of beer. Hell is a real place, and i guarantee if you were to look down on hell for 30 seconds you would be too sick and defiled and would live your life perfect until you die, regretting every sin you have done in your life. I will pray for all you jokesters who think this life is just for fun, because whether its in this life or after you die, you WILL realize that there is a true God, the only difference is that if you wait until you die you will be spending ETERNITY in Hell, and at that time its to late for forgiveness…….
– T-Jones

Update 1/21/08 – Another message from T-Jones:

you guys want proof? huh? since the Holy Bible isn’t enough for you because it was written over 2,00 years ago,even though all the historical facts in It line up and are proved 100% accurate. Just look at yourself for while, I guarentee you are living a life of sin and could care less what you do and want to believe in some spaghetti monster because he doesn’t care either, and you want to ignore anyone telling you to stop your life of sin. thats why most people don’t believe in God,it’s because they aren’t willing to hang up there life as it is. just look at true christians, most are trying to avoid sin,we aren’t perfect and we still commit sin sometimes, but were not God.most of you guys I bet feel like you have everything but for some reason missing something, well that is Jesus telling you that nothing can feel that gap, not sex,drugs,beer,cars, applainces or anything else, just Him. And For all you Guys that keep asking “How can a good God, send people to Hell?”, well let me tell you something, HE DOESN’T, incase you don’t read the Bible let me tell you the story. In the begginign before man was alive there was just angels around, with God in 1st command and Lutheran (better known as Satan) in 2nd. So, one day Satan thought he was better than God and got some angels and went to take over, well it wasn’t even close and God made a place for Satan and his followers to stay at(known as Hell). Now that there was sin around, so God decided to make man and woman in his own image, therfore makeing Adam and Eve. after God made them He told them to not eat of the fruit of good and evil, but then Satan came along and convinced Eve to eat of the fruit, therefore disobeying God and practically following Satan meaning man-kind doomed to Hell. God knew that too,and the only way he would forgive, is if someone perfect were to die for the sins of man-kind. and the only person that could do that was Jesus-Christ, the son of God. So Jesus came to earth and died on the cross, rose again the third day and descended to heaven 40 days later. This gave man-kind a second chance to spend eternity somewhere else other than Hell, that place which is Heaven. The only way we can go to Heaven is by believing 100% that Jesus Christ died for our sins and ask forgiveness for all sins we have committed and that Jesus may live in our hearts and promise to try and live a better life.(The whole process is called Salvation).. So you see, God doesn’t send us to Hell, he is giving you a second chance, you can either continue to live a sinful life and not have anything to do with God and follow Satan. or you can follow Jesus and believe in Him, which will send you to Heaven if you believe 100%. yea no-ones perfect and God doesn’t expect you to never sin again after you become saved. but does want you to represent Him good and try and live the best you can, and plus once God enter your heart, you will feel very guilty for all the sins you commit.

***like I said you don’t have to believe me right now, but you will believe sometime, i just pray that you guys will believe in this life and not have to regret it in the next one!!!

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  1. Garrick McElroy says:

    One other thing, my life isn’t missing anything. I’m perfectly happy the way it is. Hell, it’s going pretty darn well right about now. We all know about how Jesus died so we can go to Heaven and blah blah blah. But why does God send good people to hell, just because they don’t believe in him? Is it so terrible to excercise the free will he supposedly gave them? The nature of the human spirit is to question everything. Once you do that, Christianity makes no more sense than Scientology (no offense guys, I think your religion is awesome [scientologists not christians]). Don’t go around, bible-thumping to people who decided to think for themselves, and not just believe whatever we’re told. I probably have a more fulfilling life, as I don’t feel the need to go around professing my religion.

  2. Beef Wellington says:

    Bible, 100% historical accuracy. Yeah i’ll just leave it at that…… Ok i won’t, The most well researched history books that cover modern events arn’t even 100%

  3. Terry Christensen says:

    Why is it that asking for proof is always so difficult for Christians to understand? Christians are the ones making the assertion that god exists, I and my fellow freethinkers just ask for proof of this assertion. I don’t NEED a “god” in my life to guide my morality, my love of my fellow man, and self esteem do that for me very well thank you. Your God is supposed to be omnipotent omniscient and wholly good. What good entity could condemn a non-believer to hell SOLELY because of a lack of BLIND faith? Even if many of us live our lives more sin free than most Christians? It makes no sense to me. To say that most of us are living a life of sin is just your own fear showing through. You don’t like your comfortable little visions of heaven and hell questioned, but ALL good theories can stand up to questioning. To tell the truth, I feel sorry for Christians. Raised with the mental crutch offered by religion, you have become mentally crippled. You would never force achild to walk with crutches if he was physically capable of walking. If you do, it will cripple him for life. That’s what religion does to your mind. Sorry our lack of blind faith offends you, but the constant and relentless shoving of Christianity down my throat and implications that I am somehow less kind as a result of my lack of belief is HIGHLY offensive to me and I am frankly quite sick of being told I am evil by people who don’t know me just because I refuse to have blind faith in anything. Just because you could not live with the knowledge that this is all there is, doesn’t mean you have any right to tell me that I am a headonistic uncaring person. I only hope that someday you will realize the fairy tale you cling to so tightly is just as bad as the drugs you believe us all to be on. Maybe someday you will grow up and realize the only one in control of your life is YOU and that we treat each other and ourselves right while we are on this planet because it’s the only life you get. I feel sorry for those who waste their life waiting for the afterlife instead of living well here on earth. You are wasting what little time you have. It’s really sad.

  4. gordon_uk says:

    Is it me or is the phrase “one and only true God” come a cross as rather insecure? It’s like when people over use the words ‘honest’ and ‘true’ when they are trying to convince you of something they are lying about.

    “The only way we can go to Heaven is by believing 100% that Jesus Christ died for our sins” so the majority of the world is going to hell? Now this phrase sounds so much like a con it’s akin to the letters you sometimes get telling you that you have won millions but the only way to claim it is to send them a cheque!! Always be wary of those promising riches in return for unquestioning faith!

    • Robin says:

      People should read the Bible more. In the Old Testament God himself admits that there are other gods around – ‘You shall have no other gods before me for I am a jealous god’ There you have it. Lots of gods and not all of them are jealous. BTW don’t our parents teach us that jealousy is a bad thing?

  5. Alphy says:

    You fundies like painting the founding fathers as if they were fundmentalist nut cakes like yourselves. Well, here is a quote from one of the founding fathers.

    “Of all the systems of religion that ever were invented, there is none more derogatory to the Almighty, more unedifying to man, more repugnant to reason, and more contradictory in itself than this thing called Christianity. Too absurd for belief, too impossible to convince, and too inconsistent for practice, it renders the heart torpid or produces only atheists or fanatics. As an engine of power, it serves the purpose of despotism, and as a means of wealth, the avarice of priests, but so far as respects the good of man in general it leads to nothing here or hereafter.” Thomas Paine

    Get an education and for Poop’s sake, go take a good long HOT high colonic enema!

  6. doragame says:


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