I can’t believe

Published January 10th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I cant Belive you complete morons belive in spegehti monster you will burn in hell and you had it comming for being godamned retards.

THERE IS NO SPEGEHTTI MONSTER. But your pathetic site always makes me laugh.

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  1. ME says:

    I can’t believe there are morons that don’t understand the point of this site.. seriously aaron you should consider suicide.

  2. Sapiens says:

    Christians, islamists, other religious people — what is the difference between Monster, God and Allah? God and Allah are said to look like people — I sooner think that the people who met them, couldn’t see them well and made their appearance up. So it could easily be that the Monster is also the God and the Allah at the same time and that the Monster has come down to the Earth the same quantity of times how many different religions exist. Each time he made up the rules for people on their language and this is why the rules are different. People at the time when he visited them didn’t know what spagetti look like and couldn’t understand what the Monster looks like — so they made up human-like appearence. Now the truth is found! Religion is one for all the world — this is belief in The Freat Flying Monster.
    Religions of all countries, turn into sects of The FSM!
    P.S. The funnier your God will be, the easier it will be for atheists to destroy the religion. But the larger the quantity of religions will be, the difficultier it will be for religion (nonsence) to make the government to fight with science and evolution (sence).

  3. Gavin says:

    Let’s break this down shall we:

    I cant Belive you complete morons belive (morons and BELIVE should never come in subsequent order of eachother) in spegehti (thank you for demeening our intelligence and then misspelling SPAGHETTI) monster you will burn in hell and you had it comming (ejaculating?) for being godamned (are we GODdamned or MANdamned) retards (again with the demeened intelligence and misspelling).

    THERE IS NO SPEGEHTTI (again…) MONSTER. But your pathetic site always makes me laugh (and you over zealot mindless Christians always make me sad)

    you’re a pitiful excuse for a man, which makes you a perfect role model for other christians…thanks for existing

  4. sheldon says:

    aaron ill let you n on somthing your a fag ok stop calling us retards! am not a retard i know more than your brain could even handle…. now go aaway aand leave us alone

  5. Rocstar says:

    OK!!! Let us begin with my upbringing of ‘christianity’ I was abused by the ‘sisters’ various of times-it that GODLY???? They would not allow me to partake in the rituals of ‘bread giving’ because I was not ‘Baptized’!!! I was excluded from my peers, making me look like an idiot-IS THAT GODS DOING???? Why would a god do this to an 8 yr old??? I could continue with this sob story..THERE are many more. ANd how Sister Beatrice made me piss my pants in front of her because she did not agree with me wearing pants under my uniform!!! And how I was beaten with a ruler on my palms for not getting the correct math question!!! And this is 1980!! And I’m sure there are ALOT of stories out there as well of the atrocities of the catholic church! My point is….to all you christians that keep repeatedly writing these hate mails, are….WHY does this bother you so much???? Is it making sense to you??? Your obviously passionate about your religion (and maybe doubtful???) why keep questioning this site?? AND why do you look at this site, if your sooooo against it?? It brings up alot of questions I bet!! If the whole genetic thing doesn’t get you to question life… then why do are genes constantly change?? We are less immuned to anti-biotics now than we have ever been before. Where did AIDS come from?? How can you possibly say that our genes are not changing???? Look at the population of people with disabilities!! YOU ARE IGNORANT ONE!!! BTW…quit using the term “RETARD” it is extremely offensive!!! Your scholars…. use a better term!!!

  6. mentos says:

    We agree. There is no such thing as a “spegehtti” monster.


  7. Cap'n Wolf says:

    @Mentos: Then we agree there is no God either. Therefore you are also a retard.

  8. Bucken says:

    I can’t believe you complete morons believe in the Flyong Spaghetti Monster. You will burn in hell and you will have had it coming for being goddamned retards.
    THERE IS NO SPAGHETTI MONSTER. But your pathetic site always makes me laugh.
    Your so-called God sounds more ridiculous to me; At least the FSM doesn’t care about non-believers.
    You just won’t get strippers and beer…

    (By the way, I took the liberty of fixing your post. It was in quite a bed way…)

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