I came across your site

Published January 30th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I came across your site through Answers in Genesis. I have a couple of comments to make.

Anyone can make up a religion these days. What you propose to people is just silly. Lets be real here.

What is your authority to say how things started? I ask because we must go back to some authority in which we can say such things. Also, how can you then get to Heaven? How are we saved? Why are we in the mess, that we are?

Jesus Christ died for us, so that we could have life. Can you say the same thing about your “God”?
2Pe 2:1
But false prophets arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. 1 These false teachers 2 will 3 infiltrate your midst 4 with destructive heresies, 5 even to the point of 6 denying the Master who bought them. As a result, they will bring 7 swift destruction on themselves.

2Pe 2:2
And many will follow their debauched lifestyles. 1 Because of these false teachers, 2 the way of truth will be slandered. 3

2Pe 2:19
Although these false teachers promise 1 such people 2 freedom, they themselves are enslaved to 3 immorality. 4 For whatever a person succumbs to, to that he is enslaved. 5

7:13 “Enter through the narrow gate, because the gate is wide and the way is spacious that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. 7:14 But the gate is narrow and the way is difficult that leads to life, and there are few who find it.

Living For Jesus

149 Responses to “I came across your site”

  1. rogthedodge says:

    You’re living for Jesus?

    I’m dying for spaghetti!

    It’s great to have a faith and let it rule every aspect of your life isn’t it??

  2. Kosher Meatballs says:

    I’ve had enough of this “He died for us” shit. He died for your fucked-up bloodbath of a religion. Live and let live is the message here, we are not being “silly”.

    Kindly never talk.


  3. Mr White says:

    Living la vida loca


  4. MAN says:

    Respect ma authorita.

  5. Brandon says:

    Well, Answers in Genesis is certainly a intelligent…something or other. I think it had to do with design….

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  7. Alita Monserrate says:

    There is no damage in assuming what opportunities ahead, I hope you have a nice day!

  8. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Before arguing that “Jesus died for us”, how about proving that he ever LIVED? Not prove he was divine. Prove that he was a man. No historical proof.

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