Published January 23rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


This website (as the writers probably intended) has commenters with a wide range of views on life and “religion.” Some claim openmindedness, others bash Christianity for, well, anything.

Please do not consider it a heresy to your conglomerate that a Christian that believes in Intelligent Design is commenting on your site, but I have some things to say about us:

Christianity is not a just a way of thinking or living or a “religion.” We do not picture God as flying somewhere overhead, watching our every move, waiting to punish us. He does watch our every move, but He acts with justice and mercy, and most of all, agape (love).

He is not just something to “get us through” life, though he certianly does that. For many of us, He is WHY we get through life doing what we do, not just HOW. He is there when we need help, but that is not His purpose. However, our purpose in life is to worship Him (he needs no help). I suppose there is no way y’all can understand unless you’re on this side of the fence.

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  1. Wench Nikkiee says:

    @Fr. Corpus Callosum Jan 26th, 2008 at 12:59 am

    “Why is it that hate mails beginning with a condescending ‘hmmm…’ are almost always monumentally pointless and unintelligent?”
    Great to hear from you again after so long…too long.
    I for one have missed your comments.

  2. frayedjade says:

    When your belief system is brimming with idiocy to the point that it denies reality and hard evidence, it fully deserves to be bashed. In one sentence you say that you do not picture your god flying overhead somewhere watching your every move and in the next you say he does watch your every move. Confused, much? Looks to me like even you find it hard to understand your side of the fence.

  3. JBENDER23 says:

    And why is it that you people think the Flying Spaghetti Monster does not do for us what God does for Christians? Because he isn’t as well known? Because he takes the form of Pasta and not as an all-ruling, faultless megahuman? Never once have I heard of a case of the FSM flying around with the sole intent of punishing people. He does not punish us for our wrongs, but rewards us for our rights. Can’t you respect him for that?

  4. PhatMan says:

    “And there we have it, folks. Another Christian upon whom the definition of “satire” is completely lost.”

    This quote shall be remembered.

  5. Ubi Dubium says:

    @ Dutch Pasta Guy
    I agree that our public schools should not include any religious preaching as part of the curriculum. But it could do nothing but good for there to be a class on “religion” – a class that studies and compares the history and beliefs of all major world religions, and some of the minor ones as well. So many of the fundies out there have no conception of why followers of other religions and belief systems would not drop everything and be a fundie too. They are just clueless. My daughter ran into this recently. She has made a fundie friend, who seemed totally puzzled at the idea of atheism: “If you don’t believe in god, then where do you go to church?” Putting things in perspective might crack open a few minds that are now locked shut. Better understanding might lead to more tolerance.
    At least I am working on this with my own kids. We have lots of discussions about the basics of the major world religions. I’m hoping to vaccinate them against all the preachers they will meet in their lives. We tell people we’re “home Sunday-schooling”..

  6. MissMelisa says:

    Ok, first off….I think I just fell in love with this site! I am a true smartass in nature and love the fact that this site exists to give people to decide that THEIR ‘religion’ is ‘OTHER’!!!!!
    And when the slow folks ask exactly what ‘other’ implies, ask them to check out their next plate of spaghetti noodles with their meat balls and ask themselves if I can eat their ‘God’s’ image the next day…lol! (point may be lost on a few different religions that choose to eat of their ‘wafer and wine/grape juice God anyways……and they call US crude?)
    Ok, I really have to go before I laugh so hard that I hurt myself.
    Be joining soon.
    Call Me CONVERTED…….well……from NOTHING if that counts…..hahaha!

  7. GoDamn says:

    Does this flying god watch us when we go to poopy? And when we ‘beat the meat’? I always get the feeling someone is watching but I thought it was my conscience. I dont like being watched like this. What a perverted god. So unlike the Holy FSM. May the wrath of the great FSM smite your sick god with his noodly appendage.

  8. Random Pastafarian says:

    Hmm…. Yet another person that believes Pastafarians truly believe in the FSM. I mean, come on! What type of parents do you get raised by to believe in intelligent design, anyways. God didn’t go wham boom bing, planet full of creatures. And how do you explain dinosaurs? Did God put them there simply to fool us? (Sorry to use God in my writing, not trying to offend anyone) I have a good friend who believes in intelligent design. I try not to argue with him because he gets upset easily, but I nontheless would like to tell his explanation for dinosaurs. He said that humans and dinosaurs were made at the same time, but humans went into hiding from them for millions of year, inbreeding, and as a result, not gaining any intelligence. There are fundamental flaws, such as the fact that the side effects caused by inbreeding would not be reversable, and the fact that no remains have been found. However, at least he has an explanation, unlike many church officials. Anyways, I am only a junior in high school, and I can’t believe that in some places, religious institutes try to shovel this intelligent design crap down our throats. RP out.

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