Published January 23rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


This website (as the writers probably intended) has commenters with a wide range of views on life and “religion.” Some claim openmindedness, others bash Christianity for, well, anything.

Please do not consider it a heresy to your conglomerate that a Christian that believes in Intelligent Design is commenting on your site, but I have some things to say about us:

Christianity is not a just a way of thinking or living or a “religion.” We do not picture God as flying somewhere overhead, watching our every move, waiting to punish us. He does watch our every move, but He acts with justice and mercy, and most of all, agape (love).

He is not just something to “get us through” life, though he certianly does that. For many of us, He is WHY we get through life doing what we do, not just HOW. He is there when we need help, but that is not His purpose. However, our purpose in life is to worship Him (he needs no help). I suppose there is no way y’all can understand unless you’re on this side of the fence.

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  1. Captain Noodle says:

    Thats all fine and dandy, but it still doesn’t make your god real…

  2. Dr. Jonathan Hansen says:

    If the Abrahamic god truly does act “with justice and mercy” then clearly the Bible is not an accurate record of “His” actions.

  3. Dennis says:

    Sorry kaykay. I’m on the fact side of the fence – not the blind believers side… So you’re absolute right. I don’t get it.

    But have you ever stumbled upon some empirical evidence on the existing of God? And have you ever considered, that the way you’re saying God acts, doesn’t align with the way other Christians are saying that God acts? So who is right? You, or the Christians, who actually believe that God is flying around over our heads watching our every move? You can’t both be right.

    But speaking of ‘being right’. Join the church of the flying spaghetti monster and experience true love and happiness. RAmen.

  4. Victor C says:

    Your comments on Christianity is fine, but do not say that we can’t understand it. I understand Christianity just fine. I would also like to point out that you said in that one sentence that you do not picture God watching your every move. If that is true, then why is it in the very next sentence you say he does watch our every move… the FSM doesnt hurt our followers for doing anything wrong either. He also acts with justice and mercy, and showers us in love. ^_^

  5. Bret says:

    kaykay. I applaud your grammar and ability to use a spell checker. If you have read other concerned criticisms, you know that 90% (pulled that number out of my ass just like all internet statistics) of the Christians who respond to this sight don’t even spell spaghetti correctly let alone have proper grammar. They often blaspheme and curse us as well which makes me laugh to no end. Christianity is just a religion. The bible is full of stories where God does not act with justice, mercy, and love. Many Christians believe God is watching over them waiting to punish them if they do wrong. I have never seen evidence of God after 24 years of searching. It’s a good thing my purpose in life no longer revolves around an entity I have never seen evidence of despite years of praying.

  6. Victor C says:

    Your comments on Christianity are just fine, but do not sa that we will not understand your religion. I understand your religion just fine, just because I dont believe in it doesn’t mean I should get criticized for it. Also in one sentence you stated that your God doesn’t watch your every move. Then in the very next sentence you state that your God does watch your every move. Which one is it? Our God also acts on our motives with mercy and justice, Our God also showers us in love. So please, next time consider it from our side of the fence. ^_^

  7. Captain W says:

    “For many of us, He is WHY we get through life doing what we do, not just HOW.”
    – I find that incredibly depressing. So you don’t go through life and seek out happiness and succes for yourself or your loved ones, you do it for god.
    “However, our purpose in life is to worship Him…”
    – You say your god is merciful, loving, etc, but doesn’t it seem somewhat cruel to you that we have free will and tempations when our only “true” purpose is to worship him?

  8. dirvish says:

    That was a nice break from the usual name calling. Still can’t beat beer volcanoes and stripper factories though.

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