fsm pancake

Published January 17th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

From Alisha:

I am writing about a recent FSM sighting in my very own home. We were eating breakfast when it became apparent that we truly had been touched by his noodlyness. Please see attached evidence.



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  1. gabriel says:

    this is such a shame, you should all feel sorry for yourselves, and repent. you are using the sacred name of FSM, and disseminating this blasphemous lies, making fun of the whole holy… thing!

  2. Sickboy says:

    noodliness believe

  3. vic says:

    This is proof if I’ve ever seen it. The divine manifests itself in everything, praise the noodles. Or pass the noodles.

  4. Spoon Feed Me says:

    apparitions on pancakes I believe I BELIEVE!!!!!!

  5. Loves Hokers says:

    W00t it does exist!!!!

    Lol Go secret asian man religion =-p

  6. tellos says:


  7. Count Crisco says:

    It’s the new Mary toast!

  8. Cap'n Wolf says:

    Amazing! Better than Jesus grilled cheese! RAmen!

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