fsm pancake

Published January 17th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

From Alisha:

I am writing about a recent FSM sighting in my very own home. We were eating breakfast when it became apparent that we truly had been touched by his noodlyness. Please see attached evidence.



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  1. Theo says:

    One asks oneself how some people can NOT believe…

  2. visitor says:

    Listen, that’s no big deal… I confess that, as a pancake lover, I had some feelings of envy because of this sighting. So many pancakes devoured, and nothing ?! But last night I had a vision: His Noodliness in person was playing with my hair and assuring me that he was actually very present in every pancake that I ate in my life. I can’t offer you proof of this vision, though, but I plan to purchase a encephalograph to keep next to my bed, for such joyous occasions. But when I woke up my hair was curled in a very specific and suggestive way… Sorry I didn’t take a picture before I washed (damn!). MAN, I BADLY NEED A SIGHTING OF MY OWN or I won’t make it through another j.c. posting!

  3. JTown Barrett says:

    Screw the euchurist. It’s hard, bland, and makes your mouth dry. I should, know, I used to be Catholic.

    Pancakes, however, are warm, fluffy, and delicious.
    Just more evidence that the FSM is real, and that He watches over us and touches us all with his noodly appendage.

  4. Pasta DogMama says:

    Oh,,,,I’m so excited!!!!!!!! As it is, we religiously have two large meatballs in our pasta and add two black olives on top for FSM eyes. After a nice glass or two of wine, it really looks like our FSM is trying to reach out to us,,,,,but i digress,,,,(sp?). I usually make Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes for my children, but now I will make FSM pancakes! I have visions of whipped cream meatballs and cherry eyes, swimming in a nice old fahioned maple syrup. Mmmmmmmmm. Our FSM is good! After our Noodle night tonight, my children will wake up in the morning and feel all warm and blessed by His beautiful image. This has made my weekend so special- thank you for sending this awe inspiring news!
    Hope everyone is having a lovely Pasta Friday.

  5. ID LOL says:

    Ebay the pancake, get $10,000

  6. Franko says:

    Guy said it best in his reply; “If it’s on toast, it must be true”. This all proves that we are one gastro-centric religion. Yet, I’m having disturbing visions of… well… MEATBALL PANCAKES?

    Hope this doesn’t make me apostate or anathema.

    Salaam and salami.

  7. autumn says:

    oh my goodness.

  8. Anise says:

    [quote]Hope this doesn’t make me apostate or anathema.[/quote]

    I believe the term is antipastate.

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