fsm pancake

Published January 17th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

From Alisha:

I am writing about a recent FSM sighting in my very own home. We were eating breakfast when it became apparent that we truly had been touched by his noodlyness. Please see attached evidence.



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  1. Reed Braden says:

    Blasphemy! If FSM grants you a pancake, you must eat it immediately! Letting it get cold while you take photographs of it is a sin to the FSM.


  2. Quebec Dave says:

    is the sign im waiting for!

    i will sell my house car and wife

  3. Quixote says:

    That is SOO Photoshopped.

  4. Otha Tibolla says:

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  5. american flag nylon says:

    I agree with your points , wonderful post.

  6. Erin Hitover says:

    what is that? I just don’t get it somehow… :D

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