FSM makes The Washington Post’s In list for 2008

Published January 1st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


In its Year In Review 2007, The Washington Post has proclaimed “God is a Flying Spaghetti Monster” IN for 2008. Take a look. Thanks for your support, WP.

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  1. Reverend Doctor Epictetus says:

    This was all prophesied in the Book of Recipes!

    Book of Recipes Chapter 32:12-17

    12. For verily in the last days shall the posts be moved, sayeth the intelligent designer, and then shalt his holy sauce pour upon the meaty balls.

    13. Yea, even in the hollow bowl shall we spool together, delighting in the wholesome goodness that is our savior.

    14. Yet, those who knoweth not the righteousness of hath not been touched by the noodly appendage, and indeed shall experience only the stale beer and venereal disease of eternity.

    15. Teach the world that the meaty balls shall drip when lifted on high, as they are covered in the holy sauce. RAmen.

    16. When thou sayest “Aaargh!” or “Avast yeh scurvy dogs, we’ll keelhaul yeh from stem to stern!”, do it not as the infidels would, yet in the true spirit of Pastafarianism, and the hedonistic permissiveness of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. (Blessed be his holy sauce.) When in or out of favor, your utterances must be pleasing to the touch of the noodly appendage.

    17. Yield unto temptation, for verily it may not return. Thou shalt eat that which is placed before you, and enjoy it.

    Learned commentary:

    After much prayer, meditation, deep thought and inebriation, it is my considered opinion based on the scriptures of the Book of Recipes that our beloved FSM (holy be his sauce) has taken over our revered media institutions.

    In the near future, as predicted in verses 13, 14, and 17, new programming shall appear on networks as well as online venues such as youtube.

    * Touched by a Noodle — Lovable pirates bring miracles to everyday lives. Season one features turning wine into water, spoon bending, cold readings, and faith healing.

    * 24% — A tense drama focusing on the hunt for unbelievers in Amerika. TrueChristians(TM) patrol the neighborhoods, saving believers from false “theories” like evolution, gravity, and relativity.

    * Cooking with Bobby — In the kitchen with the FSM and special guests, including Allah, Buddha, Yaweh, and Thor. In episode one, Thor demonstrates how to tenderize human flesh the old fashioned way. Episode two features Yaweh, demonstrating tectonic shake and bake. Special guest Allah and the ever provocative Satan show us some tempting desserts.

    At the Institute of Religious Prognostication, where I received my advanced degrees, this has long been common knowledge. Now, with the Post finally tipping its hand, the new worldwide conversion to true FSMism may begin, aided by the magic wonders of the world as he created it.

    This means the days of stripper factories and beer volcanoes are near. READ the scriptures!!!

    In the name of the noodles, the balls, and the holy sauce,


    Reverend Doctor Epictetus, Th.D.

  2. Mike says:

    Pasta be with the Washington Post

  3. neclark says:

    It’s a blessing…!

    A blessing from our LORD!

    …from whole cloth, to relative obscurity, to national consciousness – all in just … 4 years? I’ll bet it took that Hay-soos guy at least TWICE as long!

    I’d say Pastafarianism is the Religion of the Future! (or at least until the next WaPo Year in Review list).

    Can I get a “RAmen?!?

  4. Red Dutch Pasta Wench says:

    Gouda is OUT ???? Must be the cheap imitation which is sold far too young… It should be the real stuff and given plenty of time to ripen to a (well) ripe old age.
    Sigh, they were so right about the FSM…..

  5. Pacific Pam says:

    So if I qualify as a Midget…am I a chosen one?

  6. HNA says:

    Sadly, inclusion in the WaPo “in” list has been, um, shall we say, a trailing indicator.

  7. wubbzy says:

    I am definitely a midget. I’m only 5’3″. And I have been touched by His Noodliness.


  8. Cap'n Ollie says:

    Yo Gabba Gabba!

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