Florida evolution showdown

Published January 17th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

dinosaur1.jpgThe Florida Department of Education has proposed new standards for science education in which evolution is presented as “the fundamental concept underlying all of biology and is supported in multiple forms of scientific evidence”.

The Clay County School Board would prefer that evolution was not presented as fact, and is today – January 17th – voting on a resolution which would direct the Florida Department of Education to revise the science standards. They’d prefer that all theories – including supernatural ones – are given an equal footing.

I, for one, am ready for science to hold all theories equally valid without basis on evidence. And why shouldn’t science include supernatural theories? So what if science is “the study of the natural world”.

I’m all for changing the fundamental definition and methodology of science. Let’s just be clear that that’s what we’re doing, ok?

Maybe in a world where science allows magic, we’ll finally get flying cars.


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  1. Tar says:

    @Jean Bart
    It was Darwin himself who suggested that life most likely came from simpler and simpler organism. However, the Theory of Evolution, taken fundamentally, says nothing about this.
    Evolution says as follows:
    1) Off-springs ALWAYS share some common trait with their parents. Said scientifically, any genes the off-springs inherits–most hopefully from the biological parents rather than a sneaky scientist who put in some jellyfish genes or something–is expressed in the off-spring.
    2) Mutations randomly occurs, changing the off-spring significantly from their parents. Confirmed and proven, though mutation can be controlled, too.
    3) Due to reason 2), Off-springs are often different from their parents. This part of the theory was modified because we HAVE found natural clones in our world, such as aphids.
    4) Some Mutations have a better chance of living. Some actually worsens the chances of living. Some does neither. Again, confirmed and proven.
    5) Because of the higher chances of living, mutations with neutral or advantages traits are more likely to live than disadvantages creatures, and thus, the disadvantages dies.’
    6) The advantages and the neutrals can now give birth to new off-springs. Repeat step #1.
    No origins written here!
    But to answer on of litigites questions, humans are STILL prone to and judged by Evolution, though we desperately defy it. The natural selection (in urban and suburban areas, not sure about rural) in the human environment is economics. In fact, the genius of the Darwin theory roots from human economics. There are some people who has incredible strength in making money, and they are often more likely to survive. Poor people, of course, are quite the opposite; they merely survive by an impulsive tactic of reproducing rapidly, whereas rich gives less birth. For this reason, more poor people dies than rich, partly because there’s more poor people, but mostly because poor people are unfit to the current economics. Economics, of course, can change (see: history of computers and electronics), and some poor people disposed to the change of economics may succeed better than a few rich disposed to the past. Changes in culture, and changes in survival rate. Darwin himself made that connections with other, primitive species, and found the concept to fit incredibly well with his data.

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