Florida evolution showdown – part 2

Published January 20th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


My Clay Sun has published a report on the recent Clay County School Board meeting:

Despite impassioned opposition from science experts, teachers and some clergy, Clay County School Board members unanimously resolved Tuesday night that evolution should be presented as a theory, and not fact, in the classroom.

The board passed a resolution, proposed by Superintendent David Owens, asking the Florida Department of Education to reword its newly proposed state standards, which presents evolution as “the fundamental concept underlying all of biology and is supported in multiple forms of scientific evidence.”

The Baker County, Florida, School Board approved a similar resolution a month ago.

The Florida State Board of Education is scheduled to vote Feb. 19th on proposed changes to state science standards.

Creationists will likely continue their campaign that evolution is “just a theory”, and as such should not be presented as fact. Their argument is that unless a theory has been “proved”, it is no more valid than any other theory. They don’t realize – or choose not to acknowledge – that most theories in science have not been “proved”, and it’s not the purpose of science to provide dogmatic proof of anything.

Scientists will likely continue to get worked up and make compelling logical arguments that will go right over the Creationists’ heads. They’ll not accept that appeals to logic don’t work on those who have abandoned logic for faith.

Here are some links if you’d like to read more.

My Clay Sun report on the Clay County School Board resolution

Florida Today article on the upcoming State School Board vote

Florida Citizens for Science coverage of the issue

We need to decide how we’ll proceed …


170 Responses to “Florida evolution showdown – part 2”

  1. Starbuckaneer says:

    A victory for Pastafarianism!!! Now we can spread The Good Word (and The Good Food) to little children.

  2. Starbuckaneer says:

    BY THE WAY!!!!! Florida will be 100% more Pastafarian in the next two weekends. It’s GASPARILLA!!!!! There will be a dramatic rise in Pirate activity. The children’s parade was yesterday — AND it’s already colder!!!! Coincidence? I think not. Next weekend is the big one with all the GROG and drunken wenches. FSM be praised.

  3. Landlubber says:

    Gaar. I guess the mounds of evidence supporting truth and rationality can’t get past centuries of indoctrination. And really, the change in wording isn’t that bad. Honestly, taking the word “theory” out of it may help avoid confusion. Perhaps we should lobby the Church to teach the (non-scientific) “theory” of creation.

  4. ☠DutchPastaGuy☠ says:

    On another website (arstechnica.com) I read another quote from one of these county board meetings that gives such a clear insight as to the level of scientific insight we’re up against:
    “evolution is presented as one of several theories as to how the universe was formed.”
    When the YECs can’t distinguish between the origins of different life forms and the origins of the universe anymore, isn’t it time to rethink the place of the democratic process in determining science curricula?
    One of the ancient Greeks once summed it up slightly arrogantly but very correctly:
    “Democracy is a pain if you know better.”

  5. daqq says:

    Offtopic: Darwin is currently spinning in his crypt. So is each intelligent being that ever died. So why not harness that rotational energy? Hook em up to a generator? Or, better yet, pass a “teach evolution as a fact” bill and every stupid or gullible being will start spinning. Apparently, there’s more of those, therefore, there was more of those, so hooking up those crypts would create a lot of energy! And help fight against global warming!

  6. Fluff? says:

    how do i contact the school board????

  7. Fizzmick PaChee says:

    Give us the links and let’s start writing now. Why wait? It’s much harder to put the cat in the bag than to keep it from getting out. While I can certainly see the upside of teaching Flying Spaghetti Monsterism in public screwals – it would really get people to think about religion – science class is not the place.
    My fingers are at the ready, – Fizz.

  8. Will says:

    I live in the county and, as a student, it’s pretty sickening to see stuff like this being done. And people wonder why Florida’s public schools suck.

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