earlier tonight

Published January 31st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

earlier tonight my amigos and I came across this icon on the back of a car of a crab with FSM initialed on it and I wondered what the hell it was. so I told my roomy about it and she googled it and we found this website. well know that I wasted 5 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back over some dumb cult thing with crabs. I am not enlightened and I think you are all douchefags who will believe anything. however it is your right to do so and I do agree you should be able to believe whatever it is you want to even if it’s extremely ridiculous. and I still think it’s lame and you’re all retarded. k thanks!

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  1. Archeolowench says:

    I think there is hope for him. He acknowledges the right to believe what you want to believe. I believe he will one day be one of the Betouched.

    May the FSm bless all.

  2. Disco Bandit says:

    Douche-fag, hmm? Interesting word there.

  3. Ramenlover says:

    Hehe…crabs..that’s random…

  4. James D says:

    Who said anything abut crabs? I know we certainly didnt, sure they go good with pasta, but that does no mean that we worship them, it is pasta not crabs. Please get it right and then make an argument.
    James D King of Pirates

  5. Noodlesmoocher says:

    Well, lets all forgive the unpasta like behaviour and words of the noodle deficient.
    They know knot what they thinks they know.
    He seemed alittle bit grumpy and really obsessed with crabs. And from the famous movie line “who brought crabs to the party” he was probably having a horrible day with a large crop of them and it was chewing on his soul….or at least the general location of his soul. We should should prey to the great FSM that his pets be fruitful and multi-ply! All we can do for the pasta-less is pass the sauce and givem a big garlicky smile. Ramen and angel hair to all.

  6. Bos'n C Otter says:

    Er…whats a Douchefag?

    And what does that have to do with crabs?

    I must pray and ask for a Noodle revelation.

  7. flying spaghetti monster messanger says:

    ok ok ok i dont remeber who was sayin that this guy woke up at 3 a.m and how he wasted 5 mins but i have got something to show you… ok there is a stand up comedian call brian regan, he is the greatist(i have never had to spell greatist before? is it greatist or greatest?oh well back to subject), he does a bit on how his doctor wanted him to eat more fruit,so his solution was poptarts… you have to watch.youll know how the 3 a.m thing and wasting 5 mins for reminds me of it

  8. Zach says:

    oooooo douchfags please don’t hurt my sense of pride with your sorry ass excuse for an insult combining douch and fag doesn’t make it any more hurtful if anything it just shows how amazingly drunk you and your “amigos” ( gods know what he actually means by that) were that night. lets not forget that your stupidity can’t see flying spaghetti monster ALL OVER THE SITE, instead you think the FSM is a crab…does it look like a crab to you? what kind of crab has 6 squigly lines coming out at all angles? and lets not forget your 5 minutes of your pitiful excuse for a life, your life isn’t even worth 1 second let alone 5 minutes. in short kill yourself if you honestly think that 5 minutes of being hooked up to a life support system while you lie there shitting yourself while you slowly die from the poison of age is that important then perhaps you should just end your life now.

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