earlier tonight

Published January 31st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

earlier tonight my amigos and I came across this icon on the back of a car of a crab with FSM initialed on it and I wondered what the hell it was. so I told my roomy about it and she googled it and we found this website. well know that I wasted 5 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back over some dumb cult thing with crabs. I am not enlightened and I think you are all douchefags who will believe anything. however it is your right to do so and I do agree you should be able to believe whatever it is you want to even if it’s extremely ridiculous. and I still think it’s lame and you’re all retarded. k thanks!

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  1. One-Eyed Jimothy says:

    @ wench sophie
    its actually a new term that a lot of people are using. its from a video on youtube called powerthirst, apparently its some college kids term project for marketing class or something. and at least he’s admitting we have the right to believe whatever we want, so all he needs is a little push in the right direction and he’ll be fine

  2. Etay says:

    Spaghetti is a crustacean?

  3. Brittni_lover_of_RAmen says:

    lol, i still cant believe you thought his noodly goodness was a crab. I laught at your stupidity.

    peace love and pirates


  4. Vim Fuego says:

    AAAARRRR Jim-lad. Be ye capable of understanding irony (the act of having a metallic false limb) or takin’ life wi’ a pinch o salt & a smile on yer face?

  5. Teh Spag-worshipper says:

    Dear FSM in Heaven! How can you say you wasted five minutes of your life? Five minutes! I bet you have your alarm set to 3 AM so that you don’t miss a second when you could be doing fun, productive things like… let’s see… badmouthing Pastafarians.

  6. Cody (Lord of Numa) says:

    You cannot run from the love of the great FSM. He will bring you back eventually. In time, you will understand that our God is not a God of pain and suffering, but a God of love, mercy, and wonderful noodly appendages (…. dripping in…. wait for it…. GARLIC SAUCE – I do love the garlic sauce!)

    May the FSM bring the aforementioned love, mercy, and garlic sauce to your life.


  7. David says:

    Calling people ‘douchefags’ doesn’t quite coincide with showing them ‘respect’. Besides, these people don’t deserve respect; they’re detracting from the glory of the Invisible Pink Unicorn. Unbeleivers!

  8. conor says:

    This is a response to all hate mail. The majority of you say that this is a bunch of shit. Who are you to point the finger???? How do any of you know what God looks like or does??? This is someone’s belief, no-one can say it’s wrong!!! How is Christianity right??? Saying this religion is wrong is like saying it to a person of the Islamic, Jewish or Buddhist faith!!!! The people who use the Bible and Christian faith to take shots at this website are cunts. God said not to believe in “false idols” and religions, not to persecute those of faiths different to yours. And anyway, how is this religion shit?? It makes a point, it does not say anything about any other faiths I find it great, it also does not say how it is right and everything else is wrong. Also, lots of people are saying “read the Bible” but how is it “right”?? I am a Catholic myself but I do not take everything said in the Bible as fact. I see it more as a guideline to life. Fuck everyone who disses this site because (1) How do you know what is right or wrong??? (2) How would you like someone dissing your religion?? (3) Have you seen God and know what he looks like??? etc etc gee i could go on forever………………….

    GO PASTAFARIANISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO FSM AND HIS NOODLY APPENDAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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