earlier tonight

Published January 31st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

earlier tonight my amigos and I came across this icon on the back of a car of a crab with FSM initialed on it and I wondered what the hell it was. so I told my roomy about it and she googled it and we found this website. well know that I wasted 5 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back over some dumb cult thing with crabs. I am not enlightened and I think you are all douchefags who will believe anything. however it is your right to do so and I do agree you should be able to believe whatever it is you want to even if it’s extremely ridiculous. and I still think it’s lame and you’re all retarded. k thanks!

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  1. Alex says:

    You are very observant—even I myself did not know that our Flying Spaghetti Monster was actually a crab!

  2. That1guy says:

    Fool he mistook the FSM fish for being a crab. However it does look slightly crabbish… is that a word? anyway i have drawn the holy symbol and have had people comment on it saying that it is a crab

  3. That1guy says:

    I have had people who mistook the FSM fish for being a crab, But we do not worship crabs, we worship a Flying Spaghetti Monster

  4. That1guy says:

    I have had people mistaken the FSM Fish for being a crab. Howver we do not worship a crab, we believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM)
    RAmen and pass the parmesan

  5. Cap'n Wolf says:

    It’s a six-noodled crab?!? o.O

  6. soldierinthedesert says:

    I love this site! I don’t think I’ve been this intertained since before I deployed. But I think most people are missing the point here. I beleive this all began because of the Kansas board of education. But regardless of that fact, I myself have my own set of personal beleifs and hate when others try to encroach on them with their own. And more to the point of this post, I beleive I have a halfway decent sense of humor and this whole shpeil of the Spaghetti Monster is encredibly entertaining real or no.

    P.S. To all those beating people up for the spelling and grammar errors…my bad.

  7. Michael says:

    lol this religon is funny, not to mention what rights we have to judge u we have all the rights, just like u fool I mean seriously stop being a hipocrat lol….. This religon is hilarious….. It copies alot of things fro the christianity…
    hahaha this religon is hilarious….
    If their millons of people then how come whenether I go to school I cannot find one person who beileves in FSm .
    I think that its just a couple hundred.
    anyway love u guys and ill pray for u :)
    (This is coming from a 13year old boy)
    P.s. Im not gay

  8. Memoriam says:

    He may not believe, but I’m just glad the word’s getting out. All praise his noodly appendage!

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