Drinking Glass

Published January 31st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I carved this into the glass bottom with a spinning diamond bur. Lots of fun revealing the hidden Spaghetti Monster between samples of beer that the glass was designed to hold. How mysterious are the ways of the Noodly Aaaarrrrgghhhhhh!


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  1. daqq says:

    Heh, now just let Bobby get drunk from it, and we have A Holy Grail!

  2. Apprentice Frederic says:

    MV is right – how can we order one? Actually, how can we order a DOZEN? I’d go for sacramental chalices for wine as well as beer glasses, BTW. Does the Gospel allow Paul (the pirate, not the Apostle) to make a profit to accompany the benefit of spreading the glad tidings of His Noodly -er- Noodliness????

  3. Song says:

    Hah, instant religious experience.

  4. Brittni_lover_of_RAmen says:

    ahhh alcohol… its so great. And his noodliness agrees. There is a spot in noodle heaven just 4 you!\

    peace love and pirates


  5. Viking says:

    Beautiful! This is really great. You must make this inspired drinking vessel available to the believers. In quantity. Every home should have one, and if they become available, I`ll make damned sure that every home I know, GETS one.

  6. Scott Hanson says:

    I too would buy these if they were made available! Please do!

  7. The Bonny Wench Juana says:

    Shiny! Which of you swabs will buy one for the Bonny Wench Juana, your sister in FSM?
    (do wenches get to say “Arrrrrrrr”?)

  8. All Free Do says:

    so cool!

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