cloud sighting

Published January 25th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Possible FSM sighting by wsg:

Shots of the clouds from last summer. No photoshopping and this hasn’t shown up on any other pics from my cam.


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  1. alexander says:

    “i don’t understand with soo much proof how people still don’t belive my school forces us to where school uniform every day but on friday i must wear my pirate gear but if i do wear it i’ll get in trouble at school its like saying christians cant’t wear crosses i was going to send them this email but i asume they would think it a prank:

    it is a part of my religion; pastafarianism that on every friday i must where a pirate suit or else i offend my god i do not see how it is possible for me to wear both a pirate suit and a school uniform do you have any ideas how i can solve this issue? because i know a few more pastafarians in the school aswell i belive they share my concern

    concerned Student


    and nice noodly apendages there!


    My dear friend, you don’t have to wear full regalia, you may just wear an eye-patch if you’d like, that would surly please our benevolent lord.

  2. Cap'n Wolf says:

    Truly marvellous! RAmen.

  3. Father Grimm says:

    To continue on the pattern, RAMEN

  4. Amber says:

    I really like your blog friend. I like how you write and express through your post… ;)

  5. basicdesign says:

    That’s true faith in action. Beautiful.

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