FSM preacher claims Napoleontic cannon

Published January 31st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I recently worked for a local theatre company, where I stumbled upon this cool looking prop. Instantly I commandeered it to support my argument for the beneficial effect of adopting his Noodly lord, resulting in the convertion of 7 technicians and a couple of actors.
Ramen, Studio Marcel


27 Responses to “FSM preacher claims Napoleontic cannon”

  1. Vermicelli says:

    This is FSM. We dont cannonize here.

  2. sarah says:

    thats just dirtttyyyy purr!!!!

    i mean___noodles!!!!!!!!! RAMEN!

  3. Fluff? says:

    Fill it with pasta and shoot it off a highrise, showering the people with his noodly appendages!! now THAT would convert people…

  4. Alt-Ctrl-Evolve says:

    I found a conversion manual online! Check out


    You can purchase your own book about Pirattitude! Of course, no forced conversions! This is NOT the Inquisition!

  5. sredni vashtar says:

    If that cannon lasts more than four hours matey, you should be calling a doctor

  6. Cpt. says:

    this should be a link to an other pic from the cannon. Ramen.

  7. Cpt.Ferre says:


    Cpt. Marcel for chief gunner aboard the soon to be flagship of the church of the FSM!!!!

  8. poldebol says:

    It is in the details, sisters and brethren!

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