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Published January 29th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I just came across your website through digg.com. At first I was intrigued and happy that a group was standing up for teaching pure science in schools. However after reading what FSM was supposedly about and then reading many of these posts, I see FSM is no better than the religions you are bashing, your posters/members sit in high judgment over religious people, demeaning them for their beliefs. Now I am an actual scientist, with a B.S. in Physics and a M.S. in Physics, however I have spiritual/religious beliefs.

Here is my final point, stick to fighting the good fight to keep science in schools and make sure it is not replaced with absurd ID, I say this believing a God created the universe and let evolution run its course.

Stop bashing other people’s faiths and assuming they are ignorant because they have a faith, and stop making your atheism a religion onto itself.


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  1. Alphy says:

    This man is a farce. He is no scientist.

    “…God created the universe and let evolution run it’s course.”

    You can not be both a creationist and a scientist at the same time. You are a walking contradiction. Certainly fundies would not accept this mix of a creationism which is religion and evolution which is a theory overwhelming supported by scientific research and rejected by fundies.

    Scientist my ass!

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