As a moderate Christian pastor

Published January 24th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

As a moderate Christian pastor, I’m afraid I can’t join your religion, but I certainly appreciate its goals. Let it be known that not all Christians are goober-heads and some do believe in more of a live and let live philosophy. I figure that if all religions kind of kept it to “Love God (as you understand God), love your neighbor, and share what you have,” we’d all be better off. Any way, thanks to the FSM prophet for the peace offering.
-Dread Pirate David

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  1. Fizzmick PaChee says:

    Where in my post did I criticize invention? I love human invention. I have seen more “miracles”accomplished by humans than any god. My objection is to the portrayal of mythical beings as real to the detriment of society as a whole and often the recipient. Just because some bad events are prevented or some good grows out of a course of action in and of itself is not justification. Falsehoods can protect people. How many lives were not lost because boaters were afraid to venture too far for fear that they would fall off the end of the earth? Good Idea? The Nazis’ – Hitler was religious- had great infrastructure and art (lots of it stolen) and the trains ran on time. We can’t look at good that is performed and tolerate the bad that it grew from.
    When people believe that a god will protect them they don’t look out for themselves. (I like that FSM preaches that He can’t look out for you so keep your eyes on the road.) Many people use the logic that a god will protect them so they won’t wear seatbelts.

    Cursory investigation reveals that Mother Teresa was a disaster for the sick who came to her. There were no miracles performed by God or Heyzoos. With overcrowded quarters, highly communicable diseases, outdated medicines, and a lack of even basic hygiene, you can be assured that the “good” done by the prayers received was vastly outweighed. By her principle, painkillers were not dispensed. Her bizarre philosophy said that, “the most beautiful gift for a person is that he can participate in the sufferings of Christ”. ???
    I know why evolutionary psychologists think religion exists and persists. But the evolutionary game is still running and the tide is turning. If we are to have any hope of being around in the distant future, sanity must take hold soon. The world we live in is getting to be too dangerous a place for the type of fanaticism bred by religion. (Except of course FSM.)
    Thank you for giving me the motivation to elaborate. -Fizzmick PaChee

  2. Princess Psycho says:

    I suspect this may be a plot to undermine pasterfarianism next thing you know they will be talking love and peace even to Mondo Ray which will end in tears his tears explicitly.

  3. Fizzmick PaChee says:

    Not that I felt I was mean, but in deference to comments – in my second post on this thread, I said that I applauded his letter for being tolerant and embracing. Upon further reflection I stated that, “in light of the general tone of acceptance and lack of threats in your letter, perhaps I could have been kinder.” Did you miss that?
    At least my comments are consistent and logical. In your previous post you said, “No human invention is inherently dangerous, religion included; unless you are willing to claim that every human invention is inherently dangerous, beer and strippers included.” Not that I said that inventions are dangerous, but can you tell me why any particular invention cannot be dangerous without every invention being dangerous? You then go on to list; “many cases, (where) religion has harmed people” and write of ‘good’ -read up on Mother Teresa- as if that makes the bad okay.
    YOU ALSO SAID, “perhaps the world would be more ideal if there was no religion”. Isn’t an ideal something to be strived for, not dismissed as too difficult? It absolutely is unlikely to happen without the efforts that Fizzmick PaChee and the like-minded are providing.
    Thank you again for giving me the motivation to elaborate. -Fizzmick PaChee

  4. Shrödinger's Wife says:

    David, you most certainly are not goober-head – you are spreading inter-religious love and understanding. Perhaps you should do a sermon on this. Think of the strides you could make towards universal goodwill towards man.

  5. JBENDER23 says:

    Your a good man, and a good pastor. That is what religion, not just FSMism or Christianity, is all about. I wish people would stop just reading their religious texts, and actually READ them.

  6. Sarah says:

    Fizzmick PaChee,

    *shrugs* I don’t think the evidence is on your side, and I don’t think you understand how most people who classify themselves as “Christian”, or any other religion for that matter, really think. Fundies are in the minority (albeit a very vocal minority). Perhaps the world would be more ideal if there was no religion, but the world is not ideal, and I don’t think that’s likely to change any time soon. I any case, my only real objection to your posts is the fact that you responded with hostility to a friendly (and all too rare) post that encourages tolerance, and that kind of thing makes Atheists (and Pastafarians) look bad. Debate all you like, but do it with a clear head, else you’re to one who will come off as the fundie. My you be touched by his noodely appendage!


  7. Perna de Pau says:

    I should like to state very clearly my support for the views of Fizzmick PaChee against those of Sarah. I tend to agree that religion is inherently bad and dangerous and fundies are certainly not in a minority: every religious person is a potential fundie, even our well articulate and apparently tolerant visitor. Most religious persons would agree that their religion is worth dying for and this is just the same as agreeing that their religion is worth killing for. And this is what I would call a fundie.
    I know however that, as long as there will be uneducated people, it will be useless to try to suppress religion. All those who have tried to do so have failed and religions even come off better when they are persecuted.
    The solution is to educate people into understanding the real face of religion. The fact that the most educated countries in Europe are also those where religious practice is lower seem to support this view.
    As for Dread Pirate David I would point out that after throwing God at us (even if he was liberal with the notion of god) he did not bother to come back and reply to our own posts.
    RAmen and may you all be touched by his noodly appendages.

  8. JTown Barrett says:

    Yay!!! Another Christain with sense!!!

    I have known a few, but not many. They need more guys like that to calm the zealotic masses.

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