As a moderate Christian pastor

Published January 24th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

As a moderate Christian pastor, I’m afraid I can’t join your religion, but I certainly appreciate its goals. Let it be known that not all Christians are goober-heads and some do believe in more of a live and let live philosophy. I figure that if all religions kind of kept it to “Love God (as you understand God), love your neighbor, and share what you have,” we’d all be better off. Any way, thanks to the FSM prophet for the peace offering.
-Dread Pirate David

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  1. Neo-noodly convert says:

    Ramen! There may be hope for the Christian world yet…can we elect him for president?

  2. Song says:

    Thank you, Dread Pirate David. You certainly aren’t a goober-head.

    @ Paisley the Pirate
    “I liked, particularly, the use of the word “goober-heads.””

  3. AndrewRyan says:

    Yes, Goober-heads made me literally lol.

    thanks for that.

    and yes, I am glad a pastor, of all people, understand this.

    thank you kind sir, thank you.

    In memory of you, I shall make it my goal for this weekend to use the phrase “goober-head” intellegently in a sentence.

  4. Daniel says:

    yay, someone gets it!

  5. Rachel says:

    I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only “moderate Christian” out there! Out of curiosity, what denomination are you a member of? (If you ever come back here and read this…)

  6. scurvy jen says:

    Thank you, it is nice to know that there are sane, intelligent people out there after all who understand the meaning of satire.

  7. Paisley the Pirate says:

    Everyone always laughs at me when I call them goobers. Maybe I just needed to add the “-head” part.

  8. Sarah says:

    Fizzmick PaChee,

    No human invention is inherently dangerous, religion included; unless you are willing to claim that every human invention is inherently dangerous, beer and strippers included. There is a reason why almost every human civilization has religion; it is an adaptation that facilitates cooperation within a society. Yes, it had disadvantages, just like every adaptation (think of how much more we could get done if we didn’t sleep!) and yes, there are some individuals who find it easier to live without it (including me, in case you were wondering). However, when you make absolutist statements (as you have done), your posts smack of dogma and rhetoric, not reason and science. I wholeheartedly agree that in many cases, religion has harmed people (the crusades, the Salem witch trials, this ID nonesense) but in many cases it has also helped people (Mother Teresa, alms for the poor, some of the most stunning art and architecture in the world). For many people, religion enhances their lives and helps them behave kindly towards their fellow human beings (yes, even if said human beings do not have the same religious beliefs); please don’t let the “goober-heads” convince you that religion per se is “evil” and needs to be destroyed: history, evolution, and science have demonstrated this to be incorrect. If you’d like to read more why evolutionary psychologists think religion exists and persists, I’ll be happy to send you some articles. FSM be with you!


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