As a moderate Christian pastor

Published January 24th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

As a moderate Christian pastor, I’m afraid I can’t join your religion, but I certainly appreciate its goals. Let it be known that not all Christians are goober-heads and some do believe in more of a live and let live philosophy. I figure that if all religions kind of kept it to “Love God (as you understand God), love your neighbor, and share what you have,” we’d all be better off. Any way, thanks to the FSM prophet for the peace offering.
-Dread Pirate David

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  1. Magister Munkie says:

    You, good sir, are the kind of Christian we love around here, and would welcome you with open arms should you choose to become closer to the noodly one.


  2. Fizzmick PaChee says:

    Dread Pirate David,

    How can you promote things that are often demonstrably false and call yourself “moderate?” -Fizzmick

  3. Sarah says:

    And thank you, Father, for your kind words. Peace (whatever form it may take) be with you.

  4. Ethan C says:

    I like this Christian.

  5. Dennis says:


  6. Sarah says:


    Read the post carefully – Divid does not mention a single thing that he teaches that is “demonstrably false”, so you shouldn’t assume anything. I know people who call themselves moderate Christians who, indeed, only advocate ideas from the bible that are supported by evidence (such as the golden rule – if you want the evidence in favor of this idea do a google search on “evolutionary psychology social exchange”) or can neither be proved nor disproved with science (such as the existence of god – or FSM if you prefer). David was showing his respect for us by making no mean-spirited assumptions about our motives – please give him the same courtesy. I know the term “Christian” can be inflammatory to people who have been attacked by people using that title, but responding aggressively whenever that word appears will only serve to make enemies out of people who could have been friends. May the FSM be with you, and RAmen.


  7. Atheist Pitbull says:

    I feel warm and fuzzy with this one. It’s a gust of fresh air, the rose between the thorns. Thank you sir, I hope you return to read these comments.

  8. MV says:

    Dread Pirate Dave,
    If all Christians were like you the heavens would open up with spicy meatballs and delicious pasta raining down on all the happy people on Earth in a time of glorious peace. Please preach your ways to your fellow Christians (and of course FSM). It is refreshing to see a Christian as yourself not bashing us!
    Live long and eat lots of pasta! RAmen!

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