wow you people are crazy

Published December 25th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

wow you people are crazy i pray to my LORD jesus christ that you people wake up God created man in his own image and im sorry but if you look like noodles with meatballs growin out your BUTT you need to go back to SPACE or get back in the pan where you’ll be somebodys dinner!

people will believe anything!!

i am verryyy happy i was well homeschooled becuase i would be in jail for punching a teacher in the face when she tried to tell me about this so called spagetti monsterr!

i hate to be the breaker of bad news but when you look around when u die u wont be with your master meatball you’ll be burning in the pits of HELL and i am a REAL christian and that hurts to know that so many people are gonna be in hell! over a random guy that started a joke and has nothing better to do besides make up some god for fun then see how many people are loving this idea.
God bless you wacked out meatball loving freaks!

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  1. Thorn says:

    He thinks we’re crazy while communicating telepathically with his invisible friend?
    “homeschooled” Yeah, I guessed that.
    “hurts to know that so many people are gonna be in hell” Yes, your god is very mean and pompous and not really very fair to people.

  2. I love eruptions in heaven says:

    There is this key called ‘Shift’ on your keyboard. Try using it.

  3. dragon made from clay says:

    It makes me sad that a self-proclaimed believing Christian is so full of hatred and intolerance at this time of the year! I hope that His noodly appendage will touch you and guide you to tolerance, peace and love for all human beings on this world, no matter what they believe.

    Oh yes, and 1st post! :D

  4. Joe Guy says:

    Pretty poor homeschooling there.
    -no correct use of capitalization
    -run on sentences
    -lack of punctuation
    -overuse of exclamation mark
    -incorrect spelling of spaghetti, monster, very, growing, whacked

    p.s. god is just as made up as the FSM

  5. Mariner says:

    people will believe anything!!
    You’re right, including an invisible man in the sky who made the universe and everything in it.
    Merry Christmas to all the Pastafarians out there.

  6. Dennis says:

    ”i am verryyy happy i was well homeschooled”

    It looks like whomever home schooled Christy did a very poor job. Just look at the spelling and punctuation!

  7. Spud says:

    Come on, this has to be a Pastafarian sending a joke hate mail.

  8. Repmuht says:

    “you people”-why is it always “you people?”
    At first I thought christy had left us a code, kinda like the Da Vinci code “LORD BUTT SPACE HELL REAL” I looked closely for a while but then it occurred to me christy is just mental.

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