Who’s doing the demonizing?

Published December 8th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Who’s doing the demonizing? I suppose you live south of the 49th, but Athiests who refrain from thrusting an agenda on others (and yes, lots of religious folks do do that) do not get very much flack here. Nor do Sihks, Buddhists or Unitarians. These sects do not, and this is where it might be instructional to your group to sit up and pay attention, construct websites with the single clear purpose being to discredit spiritual people. You are disrespectful and frankly, not too evolved. The rest of the world is striving to move toward to-ler-ance and you’d be well advised to follow suit. I don’t wear a turban, carry a hymn book, wear a cross, a ceremonial sword, I don’t wear blessed underwear or confer with tree goods but I do know that we’d all be better off saying, “I agree to disagree” and cease and desist with campaigns to uncover someone else’s faith as a sham. I think defamation is the word you’re looking for, as opposed to demonisation, unless whereever you’re from really IS the way it’s depicted in South Park (I thought it was a parody!) no one is “DEMONISING” intellectual curiousity,…that’s called ‘science’.

Your logic is not up to snuff. So, if this is not in the name of humour, it’s in the name of logic. Excuse me while I go and ponder that disconnect. There are many, many illogical things that happen in the world with amazing regularity. Does that necessitate a campaign to discredit it? One example, so many people gorge on fastfood that obesity is an epidemic. —> Therefore we should start a campaign to uncover their stupidity and shame them into more informed behaviour while acting as laugh material for the rest of us non-fatties. (the ones who know “the truth” about food)

Have you ever heard of relativism? Do you know that the chances are very, very good that Jesus, the Bhudda (arguably several incarnations) and Muhhomed (sp?) all walked the earth?

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  1. neal says:

    If anyone has read the links to some of these fundamentalist groups like American Taliban, the reason why some of the people on this site are striking back is clear. It is a certain segment of religion that has declared a “culture war” on all the rest of us. Their public pronouncements come as unprovoked attacks and routinely make the headlines. Their sites discuss a hostile take over of the public school system, done for the purpose of inculcating everone’s children, particularly those who disagree with their world view, in the tenets of their religion. Some of them even discuss taking the right to vote away from anyone who’s not a churchgoer. All we are doing is turning over the rock and shining the light on what’s underneath it. If that looks like intolerance to you, and the public utterances of Falwell, Dobson, Kennedy, Coulter, and Robertson do not, then it says something about your mindset.

  2. PacificPam says:

    Hey.. just be happy…I think the less you care about that religion shit, the happier you are…Look at me=) I am always smiling =)

  3. kyra says:

    why is this SO big????
    seriously though, we’re not ridiculing religious people. all we’re doing is protesting that creationism is being taught in some schools. we have no problem with religion, just that kids in public, non christian schools are taught it, especially because they are only taught one religion’s theories.

  4. Wench Nikkiee says:

    @rmw Dec 9th, 2007 at 10:20 pm
    “I like the arguments that, in a general sense, state that ID does not only a disservice to science, but to faith as well.”
    Seems many others agree :)
    I came across one site that has a petition with over 11,000 signatures of theists against ID :)
    The Clergy Letter Project: An Open Letter Concerning Religion and Science
    Another great article:
    Some Objections to Intelligent Design
    “This page contains some of my objections to the theory of intelligent design (ID for short). My objections are primarily theological, since I am not a biologist.” [Carl Drews]
    I think the cream of evidence against ID comes from Francis Collins, the director of the Human Genome Project. Talk Reason (another great anti-Id site) has a review of Collins’s book, The Language of God.
    I highly recommend reading that review. Collins absolutely nails it! No one can argue against the number of levels of DNA evidence he presents. :))
    Talk Reason: Review of Francis Collins (2006) The language of God
    Discovery Institute was so hoping to rope all flavours of theists in with ID…..oh bugger! (:))

  5. Wench Nikkiee says:

    @my post
    “No one can argue against the number of levels of DNA evidence he presents. :))”
    However in my experience, they will simply ignore it and change the subject (usually to fossils again :p) or run away

  6. Daniel says:

    I don’t think you understand what Meichan meant my fellow pastafarians. You see when he says the Buddha, Jesus (peace be upon him), and the prophet Muhammud (peace be upon him), walked the earth. He doesn’t just mean, setting foot on earth, he’s talking about “WALK THE EARTH” like Cain in Kung Fu, and like that Bad MotherFucker Jules (peace be upon him) from Pulp Fiction planned on doing (played by Samuel Jackson, peace be upon him). You need to understand the subtle difference.

  7. Flying Scotsman says:

    Personally, I think that there are some types of claptrap in the world which are so morally deleterious and potentially dangerous, both psychologically and physically, that they should not be tolerated.
    Meichan, you talk of tolerance. Should we tolerate people teaching religion (i.e. opinion) as science? I think not. Should we tolerate people being licensed as doctors (or worse, teaching doctors) who have no training? [insert priest / scientist / science as you wish here]
    By all means, teach Intelligent Design. Teach it in a religion class (comparative religion, that is), but let’s not tolerate fools who would try to teach it as science. And certainly not tolerate religious biggots who would try and turn the world into a theocracy.

  8. Jessica says:

    Who said anyone is trying to necessarily trying to discredit? Wasn’t the majority of this started by people discrediting our religion?

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