Who’s doing the demonizing?

Published December 8th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Who’s doing the demonizing? I suppose you live south of the 49th, but Athiests who refrain from thrusting an agenda on others (and yes, lots of religious folks do do that) do not get very much flack here. Nor do Sihks, Buddhists or Unitarians. These sects do not, and this is where it might be instructional to your group to sit up and pay attention, construct websites with the single clear purpose being to discredit spiritual people. You are disrespectful and frankly, not too evolved. The rest of the world is striving to move toward to-ler-ance and you’d be well advised to follow suit. I don’t wear a turban, carry a hymn book, wear a cross, a ceremonial sword, I don’t wear blessed underwear or confer with tree goods but I do know that we’d all be better off saying, “I agree to disagree” and cease and desist with campaigns to uncover someone else’s faith as a sham. I think defamation is the word you’re looking for, as opposed to demonisation, unless whereever you’re from really IS the way it’s depicted in South Park (I thought it was a parody!) no one is “DEMONISING” intellectual curiousity,…that’s called ‘science’.

Your logic is not up to snuff. So, if this is not in the name of humour, it’s in the name of logic. Excuse me while I go and ponder that disconnect. There are many, many illogical things that happen in the world with amazing regularity. Does that necessitate a campaign to discredit it? One example, so many people gorge on fastfood that obesity is an epidemic. —> Therefore we should start a campaign to uncover their stupidity and shame them into more informed behaviour while acting as laugh material for the rest of us non-fatties. (the ones who know “the truth” about food)

Have you ever heard of relativism? Do you know that the chances are very, very good that Jesus, the Bhudda (arguably several incarnations) and Muhhomed (sp?) all walked the earth?

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  1. StJason says:

    I’m astounded. Someone arguing logic in a religious site?
    BTW: Meichan, where is ‘around here’? As far as I can see, several school boards are forcing religion upon their students. Worse, they are forcing only ONE religion, and not ours upon their students. If they wish to teach Intelligent Design, then they need to accept it is just a theory, and need to cover their bases with all the other theories they are ‘teaching’.

  2. Pastaciple Mitch says:

    Well maybe you’ve heard of stu-pid-it-y. When, pray tell, did Jesus, Bhudda, or Muhammad (Spell it right, please) ever walk the earth?

    Is Christianity based on logic? Hinduism? Islam? If so, then please enlighten me, Meichan.

  3. kooncie says:

    woohoo! gold i believe?

  4. Katsu says:

    Do you happen to mention where you live?

  5. Buck Hanson, Star Destroyer says:

    Theres a good chance they did walk on the Earth, and a good chance they didn’t. Theres no chance they flew around on magical horses and walked on water. Btw, notice how I use capitals.

  6. Buck Hanson, Star Destroyer says:

    Theres a chance they did walk, but a chance they didn’t. Theres no chance they flew on magical horses and walked on water.


    Ever hear of Occums razor? The simpilest explanation is most liekly the correct one. Ask yourself whats more realistic- a zombie Jew that can walk on water or just some dude who said he was God.

    Notice how I capitalize? Try it.

  7. Buck Hanson, Star Destroyer says:

    “Have you ever heard of relativism? Do you know that the chances are very, very good that Jesus, the Bhudda (arguably several incarnations) and Muhhomed (sp?) all walked the earth?”

    Have you ever heard of capitalizing after a period? Anywho, heard of Occum’s Razor? It says that the simpilest explanation is most likely the correct one. Whats more likely- a zombie Jew walking on water, or some dudes walking around saying they are god/prophets of god.

  8. Mike B. says:

    I’m having a hard time following your logic in the first paragraph. The only sentence with a clear structure and argument is clearly wrong: what is your evidence that the rest of the world is striving toward tolerance? Mitt Romney just declared war on secularists and the Pope said all the world’s worst problems are due to atheism.

    As far as your fast food analogy goes, if the USDA declared that fast food was healthy and you should eat as much as you can, many people would mock and ridicule the organization. As far as I understand, the Church of the FSM was not created to mock people who are religious, it was created to mock Christians who tried to push their Christian beliefs into science classrooms. Eat as much fast food as you want, but don’t tell people it is the key to a slim figure.

    Can you explain how relativism supports the idea that Buddha walked the Earth in several incarnations?

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