Published December 11th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I don’t care who you are, or what the f*** you’re
thinking, but if that CRAP shows up in our school
systems, my girls will NOT GO TO SCHOOL! Jesus Christ
is our Lord and Saviour, and I hope for the sake of
your soals that you wise up and get back to the REAL truth!


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  1. James D says:

    I hope im not the only person who realized that he used that this wackjob misspelled soul, so much for a devout chirstian.

  2. Meena says:

    “soals”… Is that a word? Is she attempting to refer to my wore out sandals, or the fish I am eating? Ohh,, I see my soul!!!! LoL Okay. I am sorry. I am honored that Our Lord FSM has seen fit to bless me with understanding. I was confused by her words, and now I see the light. FSM loves her too, and like her, he is concerned with our souls as well. Our Lord FSM is touching her heart and will direct her to the path of love. She is on the right track.


  3. Cap'n Ollie says:

    Yeah, nice one ending that by shouting at god and then demanding that we love “DEEDEE”.

  4. Zekk says:

    Learn how to spell *souls* dear, before you go making constructive criticism about this lovely community of people =)

  5. Bret says:

    According to dictionary.com a soal is a “dirty pond” or “the sole of the shoe.” Sole refers to the underside of the foot. Soal refers to the underside of a shoe. In the apartment complex I live in we have a lake that could be considered a large pond. It’s not dirty though, so you must be referring to shoes. I had this really old pair of running shoes once. They had been so beat up, the soal flew off one of the shoes. I’m glad you’re looking for that soal. I think I threw away the shoes though.

  6. sam says:

    (note: im a christian)

    i havnt read all the comments, or all the hatemail, but from what ive read its a pretty obvious pattern of remarks.

    basically christians are saying how stupid this religion is.

    i say to you: there is not a single argument that you can make against this religion that cant be used against yours. open your mind and stop insulting others simply because you dont like their ideas.


    Christians believe that they do the will of their “god” who doesnt have a name, even though insane people tend to become powerful of the masses, for example the Crusades. which in theroy accomplished nothing except start a 1000 year war that continues today with terrorism, and one very stupid american president, who send troops into a hostile area to fight a pointless war against a government that did not have nuclear weapons according to UN well… people forgot what they are called. While Illinios still has this stupid moment of silence law, because of CHRISTIANS and what? this isnt violating the constitution of the United States of American that Our forefather rote. Whom left England to get religious freedom. Barely 200 years later we arent the United States, But the Untied States of America. MAY PIRATES REIN MAY ALL EAT PASTA, MAY THE FSM’S NOODLY APPANDAGE TOUCH THOUGHS WHO THINK WRONGLY!

    P.S I suck at puting thoughts together. if you dont understand part of it. please state that you dont understand.


    She just need to have a Big bowl of RAMEN, WE ALL DO MAY THE FSM TOUCH THOUGHS “IT” (we know not whether “it” is a male of female considering we cant see “it”) NEEDS TO.

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