of course intelligent design should be taught

Published December 8th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Of course intelligent design should be taught.
For the simple philosophical premise of it being more than enough, And the fact that having consciousness within creation automatically proves its being designed, since consciousness is the only thing that can comprehend “design” and “not designed” infact, its the only thing that can comprehend at all. So if creation were not designed, it would not contain consciousness capable of “design” and we wouldnt all be here debating this would we.

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  1. Jimmie D says:

    Of course intelligent design should be taught. It should be taught in churches and anywhere else people CHOOSE to go and learn about it.

  2. FSM forever says:

    “So if consciousness emerges from consciousness, and only consciousness can create consciousness, which consciousness created the consciousness that created our consciousness? And which consciousness created that consciousness that created the consciousness that created our consciousness?”

    You say that word one more time I’m gonna hurl. hehe

  3. Binkster says:

    I could spend months trying to parse these sentences and get nowhere…

  4. Apprentice Frederic says:

    @ Jimmie D
    I once took a philosophy course and all I remember from it was the name of a single philosophical school of thought: “nomothetic axiological relativism.” I taught the phrase to my daughter at a VERY early age, and, many years later, she still can repeat it, and we still laugh like hell. Brian’s school deserves no less laughter.
    Thank you for your succinct summary of the whole wacko situation! Any a*****e who wants to teach anything has permission, and any a*****e who chooses to listen to him has permission as well. Who funds the teaching, though, is a constitutional issue and – unfortunately – a taxpayer’s issue. Maybe the FSM Church should start funding lobbyists and talking like whatstheirnamesians. I’d love to see Abramofff dressed like a pirate and walking the halls of Congers…..

  5. Cape Buffalo says:

    Philosophy is such bullshit Brian. Just be; and don’t make up or believe any lies about why any of this is here. The Truth is, we don’t know, because we haven’t figured it out yet. You delude yourself. Sad.

  6. Memoriam says:

    You actually hit the nail on the head with this. ID is a philosophical premise, not a scientific one, so teach it in a philosophy class, not a science class. Evolution, on the other hand, has repeatedly been supported by scientific evidence, so it is well suited to a science class. If the IDiots want ID to be treated as a science, go through the scientific method just like everybody else. See you around the conferences!

  7. Benny The Ball says:

    Yes, there is ‘design’. Our design has come from thousands of years of evolutionary processess. When we were faced with problems we evolved new ways or ‘designs’ of managing them. Evolution is the greatest designer of them all. Where there is weakness evolution will see to it.

  8. Ron says:

    Either this guy is claiming mankind made the universe so that the universe would give rise to man (which at least has a certain circular elegance to it….), or he’s just talking out of his butt. I swear I can’t tell which…

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