more cookies

Published December 31st, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

These look pretty good. I’d eat Him.




I don’t know who made these (saw them on BoingBoing), anyone know? You can take a look at the full flickr set.

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  1. The Cookie Monster says:

    I endorse these.

  2. Jean Bart says:

    @Martha Jan 1st, 2008 at 8:23 am: “Somewhat similar to the Catholic communion, hmm?”
    Reverse that way of thinking and they might see some lost sheep coming back, only for the cookies! Some of them (the cookies, not the lost sheep) look a bit like two-headed squids. Well, squids are pretty close to Pirates too, aren’t they?
    A Noodly Year to all Pastafarians!

  3. bombadil says:

    touched by his cookiely appendage

  4. Ubi Dubium says:

    Love the cookies! Looks like they used a ricer or some kind of garlic press to do them with. Creative.
    Oh, and Pam dear, do watch the swearing. I like to have my children read the posts sometimes, and if you swear too much, they will think you are a Fundie.

  5. Reverend Doctor Epictetus says:

    Thou art blessed!
    Lo, his noodly appendage has graced our world yet again.
    Truly only divine intervention could have created such a likeness. The heathens have their one grilled cheese sandwich virgin likeness, while they ignore the evidence of rows upon rows of the true intelligent designer, the FSM (blessed be his holy sauce).
    Rev. Dr. Epictetus, Th.D.

  6. neclark says:

    A noodly pasta press would produce truly worthy (not to mention honest-to-god life-like) dessert noodles!

    What finer tribute dessert could there be?

    …unless it’s considered the production of a cravin’ image?

    NC in LB, CA

  7. ... says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! XD it made my day… you tards.

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