I’m sorry to come off strong

Published December 29th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I’m sorry to come off strong and all but as my school we have believers that follow this. I dont mind in what you believe in for all seriousness BUT the pictures, some are a mockery that you are apperntly trying to put on catholics,jews,lutherians,e.t.c. We dont blast on your religion DONT BLAST ON MINE OR OTHERS! You guys want to be taking serious? well then do it proffessional..

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  1. BlackFeathered Wench says:

    Do it professionally, and use spell check.

  2. I love eruptions in heaven says:

    please check the rest of the hatemail section, you will see that you guys ARE blasting us.

  3. Peppie says:

    This guy has obviously not noticed all the wicked things being done to pastas around the world, or the disdain the mainstream has for the words of saucy glory.

  4. Dennis says:

    “well then do it proffessional..”

    This seems to be the case over and over again. People telling us to tighten up, but their mails are very difficult to read, due to all the errors. Ironic.

  5. kelly says:

    wow! what school do you go to? i just want to know so i can be sure not to send my kids there. after all, i want them to learn grammar. get a life!

  6. Daryle says:

    Chris, I think you misunderstand. Few of us, if any, are interested in “Blasting On” anyone’s religious beliefs. What is being blasted here is the idea that although Jesus tells us to worship in secret, give alms in secret, pray in secret (Matthew 6), many Christians feel it is their duty to make society conform to their personal ethics. Jesus also said that if you carry the good news to a town, and they will not receive it, to “shake the dust of that town off your feet.” He does not say that you should get a bunch of your guys elected to the school board so you can change the rules to suit your perception of the message of Christ. At the Creation museum in Kentucky there is a sign at the entrance that reads “Don’t think, just Believe.” By Evolution or Creation, you have to admit that we ended up with a large, complex, and exceedingly capable brain. For God’s sake, use it. That’s what we really want.

  7. flyingspaghettiapostle says:

    He’s just upset because our Lord has bigger balls than his.

  8. A Little Touched says:

    Hmm… Perhaps you shouldn’t generalize for ALL Christians. I know several that I work with that are in my face all the time blasting my religion, and actually make fun of my worshiping His noodily goodness. One brought in a weird toy with a plate of spaghetti and some eyes in it. I asked her where his meatballs were, and hung it up at my desk and thanked her for the thoughtful gift. She goes out of her way to send me Christian themed holiday cards that talk about being blessed and whatnot. Yet, when I try to speak of how we should all thank Him for holding us down so we do not float off into space, she will not listen. And that’s just me… what about all the deaths perpetrated in the name of Jesus because they will not convert? Is that not surpassing blasting another’s beliefs? YOU may not, but please, do not do yourself such a disservice by lumping yourself with those that make it their goal to… at least we do not spread His message in a way that is wrapped in hate. For an example of who you are lumping yourself in with, please see: http://www.godhatesfags.com/

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