Holiday e-Cards

Published December 4th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

The printed FSM Holiday cards sold out in 4 days this year (sorry), so I put together this e-Card sender. Just fill out the form to send this e-Card to your friends/family, possible converts – whoever you want.

Try it out

Thanks to Andrew Shaffer for the amazing artwork.

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  1. henderob says:

    still working out the bugs. let me know if you see something weird

  2. El Peatieablo says:

    Why is there an “s” after “Holiday”? The Gospel clearly states that the proper term is “Holiday”. I suppose it might be referring to the multiple holidays (not capitalized) but the card just capitalizes the first letter of every term.
    I do like the snowflakes around the FSM. Our own propaganda even proves that the FSM causes cooler weather!

  3. Deelawn says:

    i saw the FSM is wearing a santa hat. is that weird enough?

  4. n1n0 says:

    arrrgghhhh happy holidays & ramen

  5. Noodly0ne says:


  6. Aristotle says:

    FSM looks even more vibrant with all those lights.

  7. bombadil says:

    YES! hail the internet-based religion/churchy thing!

  8. tubby says:

    SHouldn;t that read “Happy Pastamas”?

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