Published December 28th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

From Jessica:

Here is a picture of an FSM gingerbread cookie that my father made. Happy Holiday!


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  1. Pacific Pam says:


  2. The Almighty Doer of Stuff says:

    I think the loops under the eyes are supposed to be the meatballs, not the circle in the middle. Not really sure.

  3. Repmuht says:

    @Wenchy Nikkiee

  4. Teh Spag-worshipper says:

    Who cares how many meatballs there are? Allow some religious freedom as to the meatball-osity of His Noodly Greatness!
    Looks yummy, by the way…

  5. PirateHooker says:

    makes my stomach horny.

  6. Satan says:

    I know it’s gingerbread, but I can’t get my mind past seeing it as a big FSM-shaped piece of crap with candy eyeballs.
    I’m sorry for ruining all your appetites.

  7. Cap'n Poofybeard says:

    People, we forget that the noodly one may take ANY form he chooses. If he wishes to have one ball, he may, if he wishes to have two, he most certainly may. If he had three… Well… Wow. Envy.
    To the One-balled, or Two-balled Flying Spaghetti Monster!

  8. Jean Bart says:

    To those unaccustomed with CoFSM:
    to the only church who’s deity does not only like to present itself to us in edible form, but whose members also like (and are allowed!) to represent their deity in other edible forms, and eat said representations as well! The xians’ Host comes close, but by far not close enough!
    RAmen and Noodly Days to all Pastafarians (and Pastafarians-to-be)!

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