As an agnostic Buddhist

Published December 25th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

As an agnostic Buddhist, I have to say there is not one speck of the FSM religious belief system that I find troublesome if it is to be taught in public schools alongside intelligent design. The FSM system of beliefs makes perfect sense to me (I recently realized I have many daily rituals that follow the Pastafarian scripture, as I have always loved pirates, strippers, and beer, and do enjoy a good marinara. I have no problem with my son being taught the divine nature of these things), and even though Buddhism certainly won’t be taught in southern US schools, I whole heartedly support the FSM theory be taught along side of intelligent design.

Our children must see both the noodle and the meatball in order to find their way. You certainly shouldn’t study ID without FSM. I also would like to suggest that teachers who are to speak the words of the gospel should do so in a respectable way, by dressing as either the pope, a priest or nun while teaching ID (out of respect of course) and then to dress as a pirate while teaching FSM theory as not to offend the Pastafarians. When speaking any words of the gospel of the FSM, they should of course do that in pirate-speak, to do so any other way, would be offensive.

Of course when discussing global warming in science class, both the scientific theory presented by Al Gore in “An Inconvenient Truth”, AND the MP (missing pirate) theory of global warming should be taught side by side as well (if there is equally compelling evidence in the ID texts that there is an alternate theory specifically directed at global warming in ID, that should of course be allowed equal time).

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  1. Ohio Pirate says:

    Well said!!!

  2. PaulecoTreco says:

    As an agnostic Agnostic, I could make a point here: Jesus said (I’m not sure whether he really existed or not though) “Come all the poors and the children for theirs is the Kingdom of God” – or something like that, I read the bible when I was 7 – and he was right! For if there were no rich people on earth to deceive poor people then poverty would not exist and Jesus would have nothing to do but to stay still there like a…Christ. What to do with children once there is no chance of them not existing – well this is a really complex philosophical question (don’t ask Herodes, please – he failed!).

  3. Elliott Averett says:

    I’m an agnostic Buddhist as well, and I really appreciated your post. RAmen.

  4. MsOfTheDark says:

    WOW…….Very interesting, something I have never heard of, but none the less interesting.

  5. Teh Spag-worshipper says:

    RAmen to that! After so long browsing only the hate mail section (ah, the joys of ‘debating’ with fundies), it’s refreshing to know people like this actually exist!

  6. katelyn says:

    RAmen brother! It is great to hear how His saucey goodness has touched you with his noodley appendege! May others souls be enlightened by Him as you have. RAmen, Sause be with you!

  7. Blanche Carbohydrate says:

    “Pay ‘de load!”

    That’s what you say when the Spaghetti arrives and the Spaghetti has arrived! I can not heap enough organically grown victory garden tomatoes into the sauce in praise of your fine effort here on behalf of the whole spiritual community. It hasta be pasta! RAmen!



    Wow! This is really amazing, but I too am an agnostic buddhist, who has recently heard the calling to return to my pastafarian roots! Does anyone else think that maybe there’s something to this? Perhaps in the same way that some believe Abraham’s God created all of the people on earth, but then chose the people of Israel to be his “special people unto himself, above all others” (Deut. 7:6) – maybe our noodley master has chosen us agnostic buddhists as HIS favorites! I’m going to get meditating – I mean FETA-tating – right away to see if I can receive any further insight into “The Four Noodle Truths”. I will close for tonight with the newly revealed mantra…


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