A distinction

Published December 5th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

A distinction:

I appreciate what you’re saying, and I think it’s important to hear. In writing with such wry and caustic humour, you’re able to really effectively reveal the absurdity of what’s happened. There is a difference, however, between parody and ridicule. At points your sarcasm (“one third time for logical conjecture,” etc.) becomes quite harsh and implies that the religious view denies logic and reasoning wholesale.

You’re dealing with something that, more than being a “precious belief” per se, is an important part of many people’s identity. Many define themselves, not just peripherally, but primarily as “Christians.” Attacking that belief system without at least giving it some hint of respect or sensitivity is akin to mocking a person’s chosen lifestyle, personality, or preferences as not just different but illogical and wrong. You can’t in one section write ironically about the deductive demerits of believing in written scripture as a priori truth and then claim to avoid attacking the very heart of a person’s belief system and philosophical identity. You have literally brought the very basis of not only Christian teaching but religious belief in general into question, and in a fairly patronising and uncompromising way.

I’m not asking you to “present both sides” or any equally bullshit measure. But I am asking you to be empathetic. When criticising the core of a person’s self-identity (what they believe in), it’s important to be a little more humane.


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  1. StJason says:

    Gold? Moi?

    There is a huge, glaring, obvious error made by Ryan here. Faith is the conviction of something despite the lack of proof. For example, I believe that the Flying Spaghetti Monster made everything, then changed it as I perceived it so that it looks like a system of biological changes led up to the world today. But despite this overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I have FAITH that the truth is that He changed it all with His Noodly Appendage.

    BTW: Christians are idiots. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist. With a straight line like that, who could?)

  2. PastaTux says:

    No comments were up whan I posted mine, so sorry for repeating. That said,

    Nice Work pieces o’nine and I agree with you It would be good if Ryan continued the conversation.

  3. Noodly0ne says:

    Maybe this is what we believe in. And I for one, am not out to bash the religions of others.

  4. Noodly0ne says:

    @Ryan-You be humane, you intolerant bigot.(yes I know that is redundant)

  5. Nospoon says:

    Now this is very important, so I want to say this as clearly as possible: F-ck. That. Shit.
    Seriously, if you’re wrong, you’re wrong no matter how much you believe yourself not to be. Why exactly is it more important for me to be kind in telling people they’ve done one math problem wrong than another? In many cases, that’s what it amounts to. One fails, one fails badly, and then not only doesn’t realize the extent of their failure but also proceeds to tell me I’ll burn because I’ve avoided failing in that way, and I’m going to ridicule them.

  6. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Jerry Springer ruling ‘weakens blasphemy law’
    I think that, other than the fact theuy say the bible tells them that they will be persecuted, xtians feel persecuted because in the past they had been given so many special privileges by certain political powers at different times!
    Not too much changed there either! I’m pretty sure I won’t get tax exemption for prosetylising my beliefs to all. There’s a thought….xtians always insist that atheism is a belief (I disagree!) so I wonder if the xtian religionists will support those same tax breaks they receive being given also to atheist organisations?

  7. Reasonable Avatar says:

    I consider a person’s right to free speech a greater right than the right to not be offended in nearly all cases. I once heard a great line (I can’t remember where) that a person who has never been offended does not live in a free society.
    Because this website is not devoted to hate speech, I honestly can’t say that I feel bad when people take umbrage at it. It’s a satire and they are at perfect liberty to not read it. I’m sure that there are enough pages on the internet for fundamentalists to find some that won’t offend them.
    -Avatar of Reason

  8. Bombadil says:

    a peacful argument pretty much free of spelling errors. good job. but we really don’t harass any other religion anymore than they harass other religions.

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