WTF would you get a dull a*sed job

Published November 1st, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Bobby, WTF would you get a dull a*sed job, when you can keep doing this???? Y do people think u need a job??? I think your contribution is so important. Do these same time wasters worry about Mother Theresa getting a job???? Did they get on Ghandi’s goat and tell him to get a job……. Was Muhumad told to go dig his mountain…. Seriously some people just don’t get it.
FSM so rox n I’m so spewing I have to have a job, and didn’t think of doing this myself…… Rock on I say.

How dare you poke the humour stick at religions……….. LMAO continually.

“you’ve gone too far” OH PLEASE……

“it’s ridiculous and stupid” Arhah, and the rest of the crappy religions aren’t???? Suiciding for a G*d isn’t?????? Not eating a certain food (on a certain day???) isn’t it???? Refusing to sell condoms to a customer because it’s against your religion isn’t???? (& I kid you not it happened here, and made front page news for about a week. Boy did I LMFAO at that!!!)
I’m so surprised that any of the religious folks even have time to view your website, with their heads so far up their own A*rses, how do they view the screen…………..

Oh well that’s about all from me.

Oh by the way, does Pirating music / vids / clips etc count as part worship? Not that I do that, but I was just wondering if that was actually an underground group / break away group worshiping the Meatballs….

May the noodley appendages stay moist in His juiciest of sauces.

Yours with the mostest of parmesan cheese

Monkeygirl :)

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  1. Starbuckaneer says:

    The “your a joke” thread has forced me to use my brain more than anything… I have to try really hard to remember all the jokes that aren’t TOO vulgar for public company…

  2. Iron Bess says:

    @Starbuckaneer – I wonder how many of the world’s conflicts could have been avoided if everyone would have just been able to sit down and discuss things over a good cup of coffee and a muffin?

  3. Starbuckaneer says:

    Is it a Starbucks coffee? Because conflicts cannot be solved over gas station coffee.

  4. Iron Bess says:

    I think it would have to be a Tim Horton’s coffee…after all, that is the only coffee Canucks drink.

  5. Starbuckaneer says:

    I’ve never even HEARD of that. Imposters, I say!

  6. Starbuckaneer says:

    Ok, thanks to my friend, the Google, I have discovered that Tim Horton’s is a Canadian-style Panera Bread with a few locations in the US, none of which are in Florida… and they look like a Dunkin Donuts… so, I say: IMPOSTERS!!!

  7. Alchemist says:

    Starbuck – BLR was either mad or a damned good troll. I only ran into her a few times but she dribbled on my arm :D
    IB – you’d have loved TLM – he went mad when you played with him. Good fun!

    Sb – a few of us chat outside the site – if you’re interested drop me an email on;

  8. Pluto says:

    Tim Horton’s kick arse. like a nice tasting subway

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