Today I was blessed to receive a divine revelation

Published November 5th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

A classic I received about two years ago:

Today I was blessed to receive a divine revelation from our Almighty
Flying Spaghetti Monster. I have the privilege of informing you that
it is His will that I become His Bride, in order that the Savior of
mankind (who is to be called Macaroni) may be born on this earth. The
FSM has revealed to me that your body is to be the vehicle by which
his holy seed shall be transmitted in earthly form.

To that end, I have reserved a room for us at the Best Western Airport
Inn, Boise, Idaho, for the evening of [removed]. I will be
the woman wearing the WWFSMD t-shirt and eye patch.

I look forward to meeting you and fulfilling the will of our noodly master.

Boise, Idaho

40 Responses to “Today I was blessed to receive a divine revelation”

  1. FrumiousBandersnark says:

    T-shirt and eye-patch? Hmm … what, nothing with spaghetti straps? BLASPHEMER!

  2. pasta nympho says:

    where r all my comments i want people to knowabout thessatanic force that is the flying pizza monster!!! u guys are gaall hail the pizza monster!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!y!!!

  3. Pluto says:


  4. PacificPam (IF) says:

    Pizza monster? Oh..that is new!…Is there a Cheesecake monster too?
    Are they the League of Food Monsters?

  5. PacificPam (IF) says:

    If its pepperoni, I don’t want…I don’t like pepperoni.
    I can go for beef.

  6. pasta nympho says:

    come to the pizza side we have peperoni & Dr.peper

  7. Peter Popoff says:

    You got a link to this pizza side?
    I’d like to have a look see at what all you offer.

  8. Pluto says:

    Got your beef right here babe!
    What’s with this new off shoot religion? Why does it only have 2 members? And what’s wrong with pepperoni?

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