this is getting to be pretty sophomoric

Published November 2nd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

This is getting to be pretty sophomoric.

Why not go back to being an atheist instead of a broken hinge that squeaks whenever it sees religion?

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  1. Alchemist says:

    Wow – don’t get fresh…man!

  2. storm petrel says:

    Squeeky hinges can make funny noises, just look at the ‘your a joke’ thread

  3. Pirate Tefer says:

    3rd woooo

  4. Cal says:

    4th dammit

  5. ollie says:

    Tell you what: keep prayer out of public institutions, religion out of science, hands off of stem cell research, and maybe, just maybe, you might hear from us less.


    You know, the FSM is the Good News. When you find it, you want to tell everyone about it! No one puts a light under a basket; you let it shine!

  6. Deamonette says:

    6th post

  7. Pathiefarian Wench says:

    liking the word sophmoriphic, though might be better spelled sophmoriffic.
    anyhoo… talk to the elbow.

  8. Murmur says:

    Top 10!

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