religious snakebite lady part 2

Published November 13th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I received a lot of emails about the post I made yesterday. I’ll try to clarify.

I don’t think the snake-cult lady deserved to die. Just the opposite, I think it could have been prevented.

I don’t support making religious snake-charming cults illegal. Unless they’re endangering other people, government has no right to interfere. And I don’t believe government intervention would have helped.

What maybe would have helped is if this lady’s family and friends had done more. It was their place to say something. Not to stop her, but to call her out and get her to think about what she was doing.

My opinion is that playing with rattlesnakes is retarded, and it makes no sense to me that Jesus would want that. But it’s your life and it’s not my place to stop you. But it’s not my place to ignore it, either.

If someone I know gets involved with something like that, I’m going to say something. And it won’t be respectful.

Anyone who joins a rattlesnake cult is not going to be swayed by a rational argument – they’ve already abandoned logic.

Ridicule is an important tool.

There’s a time and place where it’s appropriate to say something. It’s weighed against the situation.

It shouldn’t have been up to the hospital staff to “snicker and make derogatory comments”.

That was the job of her family and friends, months before she was bitten, and they failed.

If her medical treatment was negligent then justice will be served. But any “emotional pain and humiliation” that the family suffered can’t be blamed on the hospital staff.

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  1. El Peatieablo says:

    @PacificPam (Cool-Aid)
    I noticed a typo in your post. You said “Good god” when you meant to type “Good FSM”. I know it can be tricky what with the “god” and “FSM” keys right next to each other.
    @ Everyone:
    I’ll miss you guys over the next couple of weeks. I’ll be deer hunting with my family and the forest we are in doesn’t have an internet connection (I have always had the worst luck) so I won’t be on here very often. I might sneak on with my Grandma’s old (90s) computer. Love ya (in a strictly Platonic fashion, of course)!

  2. PacificPam (Cool-Aid) says:

    There is no wifi on the jungle?

  3. Robert Hood says:

    I want to point something out. Here in the U.S., where the snake-lady incident occured (London, Kentucky specically), You are required to have a license for just about anything; Driving a car, owning a dog, etc. Hell, you need a license to catch a damn fish! And yet any moron with genitalia can be a parent.
    What we need to do is this: Set up a birthing rights competition every year. It could have different categories (physical, mental, etc.), but the bottom line is that you must prove that you have worthwile traits to pass on before you are allowed to breed. This would take care of the overpopulation problem, and eliminate the reek of stupidity that has come to be associated with America today.

  4. rmw says:

    @Robert Hood–I like your birthing rights competition idea. It would be even better if the UN and the EU could pass resolutions to take the idea on a global scale. Plus, in some poor countries, the last thing many of these families need is another kid to feed.
    @Fool–I had an instructor, retired Army who went to Iraq. He wanted to make bumper stickers to stick on the HumVees that said “Sunni or later Shiite happens.”

  5. ValkyriePariah says:

    @Pluto. Yes I LOVE watching house! I wouldn’t try to mimic his accent. But I can’t believe it when I heard him when he won an award he sounds so different in the show. His american accent is PERFECT!!! WHOOO! I have to go slurp on some spaghetti now. *Slurp* Mmmmmm

  6. Pluto (Not sorry at all!) says:

    @ValkyriePariah- You should watch seasons 3 & 4 of the BBC’s superb Black Adder. In season 4 you see his old partner from his commode days Stephen Fry (who looks a lot like Oscar Wild!) The two were quite the commode act 10 years ago.

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