Woman dies from religious snakebite incident, family sues hospital

Published November 11th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


A woman in London died after she was bitten by a rattlesnake during a religious service of some sort. Her family is now suing the hospital, claiming that hospital employees made fun of her instead of providing proper treatment.

I want to say something, and it might be offensive.

If the hospital employees ignored her symptoms and she died because of medical negligence, then obviously justice should be served. Everyone deserves proper medical treatment, even the very stupid.

The part that gets me is this idea that she shouldn’t have been “snickered” at.

The complaint also says the unprofessional comments about Long’s religious beliefs were discriminatory and caused her and her family emotional pain and humiliation.

Here’s the thing: we’re all free to pursue our religious beliefs. If you play with rattlesnakes because you think Jesus wants you to, fine. As long as you keep your snakes away from me, more power to you. But if you get bit, it’s my right to call you a retard. No offense to the retarded (who have the sense not to play with rattlesnakes).

There is an important, necessary part of a healthy society served by calling out people for doing stupid things.

Respecting your religious beliefs means I won’t interfere with them. It does not mean I won’t make fun of you if you do stupid things.

To the family of the snake-lady: I’m sorry for your loss. It’s a crappy way to die, and it’s the reason most of us don’t dance around with rattlesnakes. Suing the Hospital isn’t going to bring her back. Why not instead speak out about the dangers of your weirdo snake religion, and maybe save another family from the grief you’re going through?

Follow this link to read the lawsuit article.

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  1. Liam_the_Microbiologist says:

    What the fuck was that bitch doing with a rattlesnake in London? Here, in Texas, one can find rattlesnakes under almost any rock or bale of hay during the summer, spring, or fall. Texans have enough common sense not to fuck with rattlesnakes due to the rather large quantity of toxic, tissue-destroying venom that they are capable of injecting. Rattlesnakes are call such because they WARN you when they are about to attack with their rattles. 99.999% of the time, if you back off, they won’t bit. Now, picking them up and dancing with them…hmmmm…You might be ignoring a not-so-suttle warning that the bastard is about to open a whole world of hurt on your ass.

  2. ulftheunwashed says:

    I’m with Peter Popoff and the original poster Henderob on this one. Of course she should have had proper care. If it does transpire that she didn’t, then the hospital probably has a case to answer (although I’ve never been able to work out how extracting shedloads of money from the hospital, thus reducing their ability to care for others, is supposed to put things right). BUT if it just boils down to the fact that they’re pi**ed off because the nurses laughed, then tough. Nurses laugh at the shamefaced people who walk (very carefully) though the door and explain that they were dusting in the nude when they slipped and landed on the fruit bowl / vacuum cleaner, honestly, and now they need a jar of vaseline and some extra-sized forceps. Of course they laugh. Stupidity is funny. Stupid deluded people waving snakes around in the name of some deity is really, really funny. Being a nurse is a rotten thankless job a lot of the the time – don’t deny them a laugh when the opportunity presents itself. Just as long as they produce the oxygen and the antivenin at the same time.

  3. eileen says:

    I was much moved by the testimony of the late Mr. R Snake. Where are the animal rights people when we need them? Do they ever protest the blatant cruelty to animals involved in snake “handling”?

    Bye the way, Mr Snake’s description of the afterlife reminded me of a short story I read recently: “Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven by Mark Twain. It’s a perfect deconstruction of the Judeo-christian notion of heaven, and a very funny story. With clearly Pastafarian overtones. There’s no mention of the FSM, but it doesn’t say that Captain Stormfield wasn’t a pirate captain.

  4. M says:

    Was this religious woman a Christian? OR do you just claim that Jesus has to do with all of this. I find your stereotyping of Christians offensive, and feel that if you actually knew what you were talking about you could possibly sound intelligent…but until then…remember that Christians who follow the bible have nothing to do with rattlesnake ceremonies. STOP GENERALIZING!!!

  5. PacificPam (Cool-Aid) says:

    I will not stop generalizing until you stop telling me that I will go to hell if I don’t believe in your Fucking god!
    Now, if you don’t mind…Fuck off!

  6. skiergirl24 says:

    Why didn’t Jesus save her? bwahahhaha

  7. desertpunk says:

    since you obviously don’t know any religion that believes in jesus as the son of god is a Christian religion .. including catholic, eastern orthodox, and protestant. it was originally all one but then it split into roman catholic and eastern orthodox, and later the roman catholics also gave birth to protestants and each of those has many different sub groupings. So the fact that she believes in Jesus being the son of god and not just some guy like Jews and Muslims do proves her as a Christian.
    so in response i say that you should learn about Christianity before you try calling other people stupid .. it only makes you more obviously a retard. I would see it as a great help to the human gene pool if you were the one who died.

  8. Wench Cyka says:

    Ya know, I haven’t used the term “retarded” to refer to anyone who was actually born that way or got that way through any truly preventable injury in a long while, so I think that word has lost the stigma, at least in my mind, and that woman definitely fit the bill. The rest of her family still does, and hopefully will join her soon. As for the helmet wearing crowd who were either injured or born that way, most are smarter than they look. I know, because I used to get mentally stomped by a girl with serebral palsy on a regular basis and feel no shame, the girl is brilliant and I hope she is a strangely walking doctor of something somewhere now, she certainly should be.
    As for snake handlers, those who do it to produce the antivenin medication for the unfortunate hiker now and then, good for you! Thank you for risking your life to save others! For all you idiots who pick up and torment an innocent creature for your amusement because some idiot scribbled a few lines in a book while baked on something a few thousand years ago, you all deserve to be bitten and die, and the snakes deserve to escape and live long happy lives, free of your stupidity!
    Lastly, about the poor doctor trying to hold it together to Treat this idiot woman who, according to her beliefs LOST HER FAITH by coming in for treatment thus condemned Herself to death, he should be given an award for being able to administer any medication at all. Also, special award should go to the pharmacy tech who mixed the crofab without shaking with such hysterical laughter to cause so many bubbles as to render it useless.
    In my opinion, all medical staff involved should countersue for emotional strain involved in trying to hold a professional face together in light of such ridiculous circumstances. It obviously caused great mental agony and will take them years of therapy to recover their decorum. Why should such expensive medicine be wasted on such a fool anyway? Can someone please explain this to me? She did after all believe jebus would save her… Hell, let the man do his job!

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