Science and FSM: Partners in Knowledge and Truth

Published November 27th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Thanks to Blue for sending me this propaganda flyer:

“Science and FSM: Partners in Knowledge and Truth.”
8.5 x 11 JPG | 8.5 x 11 PDF

The Flyers section is growing nicely. The Church is always open to contributions. Thank you.

143 Responses to “Science and FSM: Partners in Knowledge and Truth”

  1. Dylan_Dog says:


    That link was hilarious!are these people for real?!

    Ps. thanks for the invite!(was it sent to my hotmail?)

    Pps. I saw the latest from PB and to be honest I am growing very tired of him, *but* will hang about as I hate the thought that he might get away with printing b*llsh#t-just think if an innocent came along and was corrupted!
    Incidentally what I love about your recent exchange with PB is that he cannot pull one of his favourite lines eg., “you are speaking about things that are outside your area of expertise”(you know what I am talking about!)-with you…bloody brilliant!

    pps. have got a recipe for mead on these threads already-marvellous:-)

  2. childof1stcousins says:


    “just think if an innocent came along and was corrupted!”

    There ain’t no victums, only volunteers!!!

    or was that rectums???

    rectum… damned near kiltum!!!

    back to the still repair

  3. Ayumi-chan says:

    Hee, that’s so stupid it makes me wanna scream. I’m going to buy a teddy bear and call in Jehova Mohammed McBrahmin the third.

  4. PacificPam says:

    Hahahahahahaha…Don’t forget the Ala!

  5. Jean Bart says:

    @Wench Nikkiee Nov 28th, 2007 at 4:54 am: “@JB Here’s some nice artwork just for you JB
    Aaah, our Aussie Wench, subtle as we know her…

  6. neal says:

    You know the dead chocolate guy on a stick sounds like a good product. I think the vatican could sell those during lent and especially on Good Friday and make a killing.

  7. Pluto (Not sorry at all!) says:

    New Dead Guy on a Stick! The snack all Christians should eat (if they want to get into heaven and not boil of eternity in a pool of faeces in hell!) An overly sweet chocolate teat with a hypocritical, hard to swallow centre! So get yours today!
    And remember: If you don’t love Dead Guy on a Stick, then you hate Jesus!
    How’s that for my add logo?

  8. Pluto (Not sorry at all!) says:

    Opps theat should be “chocalate treat” the chocolate teat is something else I’m working on

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