Science and FSM: Partners in Knowledge and Truth

Published November 27th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Thanks to Blue for sending me this propaganda flyer:

“Science and FSM: Partners in Knowledge and Truth.”
8.5 x 11 JPG | 8.5 x 11 PDF

The Flyers section is growing nicely. The Church is always open to contributions. Thank you.

143 Responses to “Science and FSM: Partners in Knowledge and Truth”

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  1. PacificPam says:


  2. PacificPam says:

    Now, what is this article about….lets read…

  3. PacificPam says:

    I’t not even an article hahahahahahahahaha…nice flyers though.

  4. Cottura 5 Minuti says:

    My first ever!

  5. Cottura 5 Minuti says:

    Oh crap – left the browser tab open for a while again. Congrats on the gold PacificPam, I take silver then.
    And a vary nice flyer. Is the chap in the lower picture a chinese astronomer or what does he look like to you?

  6. PacificPam says:

    He looks russian to me!

  7. Bookem says:

    5 posts already up but do I get Bronze?

  8. PacificPam says:

    I think it is because of the hat…and the robe…

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