r … u … serious?

Published November 5th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

r…u…serious? Ur LYING to everyone! Ur CONDEMNING them. And for what? U think ur COOL making up ur own “RELIGION”. Ur ridiculous. Ur IGNORANT. I will eat ur good for nothing spaghetti monster. Then I’ll be ur idle to worship. Ignorant. I’d smack u if that came about. Oh how I wish I could drive to u. Take all ur pasta away. Then! Just maybe, then, u could make up the swimming unicorn of wonder. I’m a Christian. And being a Christian doesn’t make me perfect. I am holding myself back from cursing at u. That’s pointless. Ur a fool. And u’ll burn in hell for being a fool. I hope, one day, u make the right decision.

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