Polk County to include Intelligent Design

Published November 30th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


The Ledger reports that the majority of Polk County, Florida, School Board members support teaching Intelligent Design in addition to evolution in public schools.

It’s unclear if they’re prepared to change the definition of science. Some people are concerned that a supernatural theory will not mesh with the study of the natural world.

Board member Kay Fields said last week she wants intelligent design, which is promoted by some Christian groups, taught in science classes in addition to evolution.

“If it ever comes to the board for a vote, I will vote against the teaching of evolution as part of the science curriculum,” Lofton said. “If (evolution) is taught, I would want to balance it with the fact that we may live in a universe created by a supreme being as well.”

The board’s majority opinion is at odds with many in Florida’s scientific community who strongly support the new, more rigorous science standards, and say intelligent design lacks scientific credibility.

Perhaps Florida’s scientific community has not realized the type of genius arguments they’re up against:

“My tendency would be to have both sides shared with students since neither side can be proven,” [School Board Member] Tim Harris said.

“I don’t have a conflict with intelligent design versus evolution,” [School Board Member] Sellers said. “The two go together.”

“It crosses the line with people who are Christians,” [School Board Member] Lofton said. “Evolution is offensive to a lot of people.”

Pastafarians are concerned that the Polk County School Board is endorsing Intelligent Design, but ignoring our theory, even though it is widely endorsed by the scientific community.

I will wager that the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster can produce more academic endorsements for our theory than Intelligent Design proponents can for theirs.

My guess is that the Polk County School Board is just unaware of Pastafarianism. As a public service, I propose that we contact them, and let them know that there are other supernatural theories just as valid as Intelligent Design, primarily ours.

Contact info:

Those in favor of Intelligent Design:

Kay Fields (District 5)
[email protected]

Tim Harris (District 7)
[email protected]

Margaret Lofton (District 6, Chairman)
[email protected]

Hazel Sellers (District 3)
[email protected]

Lori Cunningham (District 2, Vice-Chairman) – undecided
[email protected]

Those not in favor of Intelligent Design:

Frank O’Reilly (District 1)
[email protected]

Brenda Reddout (District 4)
[email protected]

You can use this link to email all 7 School board members.

Please be respectful – remember we are not criticizing their beliefs, merely pointing out that there is another, just as legitimate, theory that should be included into the curriculum. Please leave a comment and tell us about your conversations with the School Board. Thank you!

The Ledger article can be found here.

*update* 12/11/07 – Their local newspaper published a story about our campaign here.

216 Responses to “Polk County to include Intelligent Design”

  1. Ohio Pirate says:

    I can only imagine this is going to end up like Roe V. Wade where it will ultimately end up in the hands of APPOINTED Supreme court judges. The question is whether or not the appointer is smart enough to to nominate those who recognize the danger of blending religion and state affairs. FSM help us all!!

  2. Arp says:

    I just sent them an email, voicing my opinions. I sure do hope that they read it!

  3. Michael T says:

    Obviously very few people in Polk County watch “NOVA”, otherwise they wouldn’t be blindly setting themselves up for complete, total public embarrassment and humiliation. They are taking up the mantle from the Kansas School Board of Laughing Stock Of America. Ironic, isn’t it, how those supposedly in charge of education have such panache for learning nothing…

  4. pieces o'nine says:

    This school board should be congratulated for taking up the ID banner, and championing the right of their students to be exposed to competing viewpoints. Vive le Difference! How else can this commitment to fearless educational values be implemented?
    1. All classroom instruction should be bi-lingual, so that students can be equally exposed to both English and Spanish, free to make up their own minds as which they believe is most correct for completing assignments and use in their adult lives.
    2. Science teachers will “teach the controversy” between Alchemy and Chemistry, giving equal time to both in Chemistry units. Chemistry is merely the secular offshoot of Alchemy, which enjoyed a long and respected tenure in European history. Many notable and pious men were alchemists, which is good enough for me. In order to Leave No Florida Child Behind, students will be exposed to the periodic table of elements, but advised that it is by no means complete, and therefore, of dubious value. They will also be required to transform lead into gold for their final exam, and provided with 17th century translations of medieval occult texts as transmutation “bibles”.
    3. Music students will no longer be constrained to learn “music theory”. Since Western classical music is offensive to some, each student will have the option to construct an independent study which best conforms to his or her existing taste. Southern US composers such as Toby Keith and Trick Daddy will be given equal consideration with French elitists such as Claude Debussy or Joseph-Maurice Ravel.
    4. Math students will no longer be limited to “theories” they may find offensive, such as “Algebra” (developed by Muslims!), “Game Theory” (why are they playing games in school?), “Homology Theory” (keep our kids safe from these perverts!), “Proof Theory” (can they prove it or is it just a theory? Liberals are so stupid!).

  5. neal says:

    You know intelligent design is just the beginning. Everyone needs to realize that all scientific theories are “only theories”. Don’t we also need a theory of intelligent electromagnetism and intelligent gravity?

    For EM isn’t it just as likely that AC current coming out of a generator is a result of FSM’s wrapping the armature of the dynamo shaft in his noodly appendage and imparting spin to it the same way you or I would impart spin to a yoyo.

    Also since electromagnetism is only as theory, perhaps one of the Xtain fundamentalist proponents of “Intelligent Electromagnetism” will have no problem french kissing a 220v socket. Waddya think?

  6. neal says:

    I just wanna know. When are we gonna appoint Dr Zaius as Presidential science advisor?

  7. Rigo says:

    Intelligent design is pseudoscientific way to say “God did it”. Its like calling water Dihydrogen monoxide.
    Well, I propose we change from ” The flying Spaghetti monster did it” From noddly design. Or Pasta method. Or something like that. Let them know they have competition. Oh, and one more thing. These guys actually call Inteligent design a scientific theory? WTF! You can’t read science in the bible!

  8. The Rabid Baby says:

    What really gets me is that, without the the science developed in the past few decades, most of the modern day luxeries that allow teaching of modern standards wouldn’t exist. And yet they still decide against teaching a proven scientific theory. Eh?

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