NOVA: Intelligent Design on Trial

Published November 18th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


NOVA’s most recent program is about the Intelligent Design debate over the last few years. They’ve put together an excellent companion website, and as of November 16th, you can watch the entire program online – I highly recommend it. NOVA always does a fantastic job on their programs and this is no exception.

My one criticism is that they neglected to mention the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s role in the Intelligent Design vs Science debate.

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  1. PacificPam (ñaca ñaca) says:

    I did! hahahaaha

  2. Peter Popoff says:

    Old Grouch,
    Thanks for the read.
    I think I do have a better understanding of Orthodoxy.
    It was nice to hear a Christian admit they follow “Blind Faith”.
    Most Internet xtians get lost at that point, and get mad and stomp off.
    Silly human pride or something.
    For what it’s worth, I’m glad you have that faith.
    I grew up Roman Catholic, and I know many people that follow God,
    Much like you do
    (they accept that some things shouldn’t questioned, and farther that there are no answers).

    I respect that position, as long as my position (that I need solid answers
    to questions before I’ll accept them) is respected.
    Thanks for the reply,
    Peter Popoff

  3. PacificPam (ñaca ñaca) says:

    So, does Old Grouch likes us?

  4. Captain Capelli d'angelo says:

    @ old grouch

    Sorry I tried to put you in the “box” with others. I remain an atheist, but nonetheless find your approach to faith refreshing vs. so many others I have met. You also managed to stay positive and explanatory when more that a couple of us were being confrontational. With your level demeanor I wonder why you tagged yourself “old grouch”.

  5. Old Grouch says:

    @ Pacific Pam – So far, from what I have read, and from the questions and replies that have been exchanged, I think you are, for the most part, very likeable people.
    Since Orthodoxy stresses that the finite cannot, and does not, affect the Infinite, there is a great deal more opportunity to recognize that both satire and parody are a very refreshing way in which to keep HUMAN egos from over-inflation, as well as being, very possibly, an example of the fact that God’s own sense of humor is much greater than organized religions and their leaders are willing – much less able – to admit.
    Perhaps the idea of a humorless God is at the root of that kind of response which would condemn others. There is something rather ridiculous in the approach, every time a funnymentalcase announces his, or her, interpretation of “obedience to the law/book in literal form”. The inflation of the “Pastoral” position/ego to a status of divine afflatus that confounds the messenger with the message seems to be almost universal in Western Christianity. And this more or less boils down to a kind of, “To insult/disagree with ME is to insult/disagree with God” – vide, an “Infallible Pope”, for instance, and a whole (un)-Holy Office of the Inquisition.
    Carried over into Protestantism, I believe it was Milton who wrote: “New Presbyter is but old Priest, writ large.” (Sorry. I do get long-winded, and carried away at times.) Anyway, I do like you.
    @Peter Popoff – My own background includes a Jesuit education, with double majors – philosophy being the subject area in which I wrote my Baccalaurate Thesis. On the way through, I encountered St. Photios of Constantinople, when doing a paper on the Schism of the early 800s, over the insertion of the Filioque clause into the Symbolion. I always get a little kick out of telling my good Roman friends that it was the Jesuits who made an Orthodox Christian out of me – unintentionally of course.
    If you will forgive a quotation: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. Altogether too often, Western versions of Christianity seem to teach that EVERYTHING has been, already, not only “seen” but completely explained, verified, proved, and cast in concrete: Just read the Book – or “follow the leader”, who knows it all already. Orthodoxy still stresses the word, “Mysterion” (Mystery) throughout. Which serves to remind us of the difference between finite/created and Infinite/Creator. And, although he was not himself Orthodox, Alexander Pope said it rather well: “Presume not God to scan./ The proper study of mankind is man.”
    Just a personal note, here. Maybe, rather than asking, “Why does God let . . . ?”, we should ask, “What can we do to change, or eliminate, that which we now see as troubling, and has us baffled?” I like to think God gave his human creation a brain, and sentience, in order for humanity to USE THEM, rather than merely to regard them as some kind of “decorative” appendages.

  6. PacificPam (ñaca ñaca) says:

    Yay…I just read the first line…It was enough and satisfying…=)

  7. Old Grouch says:

    @Captain Capelli d’angelo – I used to post on our local Rocky Munchkin News “Reader Response to Letters to the Editor” pages – before they went over to requiring a password, which they assign, after one “subscribes” to their new website – and I am not without a fairly wide streak of crankiness that comes out at times; especially in response to today’s “conservative” political issues. I began by using my own name – and I’ll spare you the results of that, except to say, that personal harassment got way out of hand.
    When I went back, my friend suggested that, given my age, and my not always sweet, gentle, and mellow disposition, I might well use a “pen name” more descriptive of how I am seen to be. So, I do; and I’ve stuck to it, out of force of habit, I guess, even when matters are religious in content. (Helps me to remember that I had better not begin to confuse myself as “messenger” with what I hope is a good message, too.)
    Anyone who wants to read some of the less pleasant of my productions is welcome to go to “http://www.reflectionsinajaundicedeye.info”; and correspondence with “[email protected]” will get reply – though not always promptly, since I am not on the computer regularly. (I’m not all that much “sweetness and light” when it comes to some areas of religion, either. But . . . ! I also don’t claim “perfection”.)
    If you go to the website, please drop a note on the Guest Book. It’s too expensive for me to offer a blog as such; but your comments will be appreciated, though not open to additional postings in reply.

  8. Old Grouch says:

    Passing note: This machine of mine does not produce hyperlinks; and the last time I put up information about the website and email, it had to be broken into separate words to get through. I’ve used quotes here, since I don’t know what the website provider might do with the material otherwise.

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