Metro article about FSM Billboard

Published November 2nd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


One of my favorite newspapers (it’s a newspaper too, right – not only a news website?) Metro.co.uk has published an article about Jacob Corbin’s FSM billboard. The article is good, and the comments were funny. You can read it here.

41 Responses to “Metro article about FSM Billboard”

  1. PacificPam (IF) says:

    So, Why should I wrap it, again?

  2. PacificPam (IF) says:

    There is a town called intercourse! and they have a barn that looks like a dick! hahahaha

  3. Bombadil says:

    the paper seems very supportive of our beliefs.

  4. PacificPam (IF) says:

    Who wouldn’t!

  5. Wench Cyka says:

    @ Pacific Pam hey, did you ever get high speed and get a pay pal account? I always leave a few dollars laying around in there for my serious ebay whoring ways… like 5 dollar new with tags cashmere sweaters for my friends of improbably small sizes!

  6. Visitor says:

    Yes, the Metro is a British newspaper. It’s free, and I usually read it on the bus or train.

  7. Nephelos says:

    I used to get it on the bus or whatever to college, before I moved off to Metro-free Wales for university. How I miss it…

  8. bombadil says:

    @PacificPam (IF)
    i don’t think mongooses (mongeese?) support our beliefs.

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