Metro article about FSM Billboard

Published November 2nd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


One of my favorite newspapers (it’s a newspaper too, right – not only a news website?) Metro.co.uk has published an article about Jacob Corbin’s FSM billboard. The article is good, and the comments were funny. You can read it here.

41 Responses to “Metro article about FSM Billboard”

  1. Noodly0ne says:

    I have off today!;)

  2. storm petrel says:

    Enjoy your long weekend

  3. Noodly0ne says:

    Thanks. I love “Proffesional Development Days”.

  4. Noodly0ne says:

    The “your a joke” post is killing my browser.

  5. Noodly0ne says:

    @ PacificPam-Did you wrap your passport yet?

  6. PacificPam (IF) says:

    I hadn’t gone to the grocery store! Out of tin foil.
    This is also a long weekend for us here in Panama. I didn’t have to come to work today but I had to take care of some business *taking over the world*
    Won’t be back untill Tuesday! Family reunion…that means that I won’t pay for my beers.
    Tin foil is on my To buy list, NoodlyOne.

  7. PacificPam (IF) says:

    Did you wrap yours?
    I don’t like opening it anymore…Too long…

  8. Noodly0ne says:

    OK, have fun at your reunion.
    Mine is wrapped.

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