I really find this whole discussion to be rather hilarious

Published November 11th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

From Beth:

I really find this whole discussion to be rather hilarious…

Let me explain, I’m a xian. Indeed, I am a grad student of theology. Did Bible College… the whole bit. And I also absolutely love CoFSM. I promoted it around the College, and even hosted a pirate day there (though most people didn’t know ALL they were celebrating…). I am in total sympathy with the fact that ID does not belong in science class. I love the “parody”, and the satire is killer.

What is hilarious? That Xians say ridiculous, dumb things about other people’s beliefs (or lack thereof), and feel all superior and cool for that, and yet, what is the difference here? It’s like everyone gets a kick out of telling everyone else that they are stupid. Nice. Well done Christians. Well done Atheists. May you all eternally enjoy throwing around hate mail and tired rhetoric.

And may the noodly appendage touch you all.

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  1. Seeker of the Truth says:

    @Pluto……Thank you! You seem to be truly a person of wisdom. I am sure the FSM is proud of you. I was so glad to see you include Bush in this list of infamous persons. He and his group of cronies and croniettes have spun the truth so many times it, in itself, is almost a religion or at the least a sect. Those who would oppose him have been persecuted and/or ridiculed. His people have play the “unamerican” card too often. They have divided the country in more ways than one. There are so many schisms in America today that it is hard to play “Step on a Crack”. Then, again, look at how many people have deserted his ship. I am looking forward to the day when these “deserters” come forward and tell the truth. Right now I think they are in limbo, afraid and probably depressed. Some day, when they have the courge, they too will join the crew of “pirates” that are arising in the world. Not the pirates of plunder(rob from the poor and give to the rich) but rather the pirates of truth. Pirates that the Flying Spaghetti Monster would be proud of. Ramen!!

    PS: I am a true spaghetti lover. My favorites(not necessarily in order) are Spaghetti: with Olive Oil and Garlic, with Butter, with Tomato Sauce, with Tomato Sauce and Meat Balls, with Olive Oil, Garlic and Cherry Tomatoes. This is just to name a few. But I also love Spaghettini, Mac with Cheese, Etc. Etc. ALL FOR PASTA, STAND UP AND CHEER!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Seeker of the Truth says:

    More from the Seeker of the Truth.
    I found out what a Fundie is, but what in this region of the universe is a Xian? I told all that I am a novice in cyber-space and I have not yet grasped all of the cyper-space jargon. Where can I go to be fitted for a cyber-spacesuit? (Please, I would ask you not to refer me to the “Funny Farm”. Been there. Done that.) I, however, do feel like a Naked Virgin or worse yet, like one of Colonel Sander’s chickens waiting to be plucked. Please be gentle with me.

  3. lilwench says:

    I think of xians as unchristian christians. Which is most of them, in my opinion.

  4. Ayumi-chan says:

    @Seeker of the Truth
    The feeling is entirely mutual. I know not what half these people are saying!

  5. Wench Nikkiee says:

    @Seeker of the Truth
    “Where can I go to be fitted for a cyber-spacesuit?…….I, however, do feel like a Naked Virgin or worse yet, like one of Colonel Sander’s chickens waiting to be plucked. Please be gentle with me. ”
    Hi there and welcome to you. Stick around you’ll be ok here with us. :))

  6. Wench Nikkiee says:

    @Seeker of the Truth Nov 22nd, 2007 at 8:25 am
    “Next, July I will be sixty-nine and a half and half way through my current life cycle so I still have time to learn.”
    I just want to add that I find your attitude and willingness very impressive.

  7. lilwench says:

    I love urbandictionary. When I read new slang, I almost always find it listed there. I’ve probably learned a lot of things there I was better off not knowing. But my perverse sense of humor and His Noodly Appendages keep pushing me.

    @Seeker of Truth, ditto what Wench Nikkee said

  8. Seeker of the Truth says:

    Thanks to all the Bouys and Goils who took the time to answer me. I work nights in a land far from America, so I sometimes have time to get on the Internet and Seek the Truth. I am not sure how I came to you all, but I suspect I may have been touched by a noodly appendage. Because I am after all is said and done a pasta lover, erm.. not that I sleep with it. I can also partly discern from the postings that I am communicating with pirates that are at least one or two generations removed from me. My body may be old, in looks, but I am still young in heart, mind and other things, as was my great grandfather before me, he was somewhere around 115 years young when he left for that great pirate ship in the great beyond.
    PS: He was still active with farming and chasing the women, which why my great grandmother tried to run him over with a tractor. Shouting, “You pirate you, I’ll get ya!”

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