I really find this whole discussion to be rather hilarious

Published November 11th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

From Beth:

I really find this whole discussion to be rather hilarious…

Let me explain, I’m a xian. Indeed, I am a grad student of theology. Did Bible College… the whole bit. And I also absolutely love CoFSM. I promoted it around the College, and even hosted a pirate day there (though most people didn’t know ALL they were celebrating…). I am in total sympathy with the fact that ID does not belong in science class. I love the “parody”, and the satire is killer.

What is hilarious? That Xians say ridiculous, dumb things about other people’s beliefs (or lack thereof), and feel all superior and cool for that, and yet, what is the difference here? It’s like everyone gets a kick out of telling everyone else that they are stupid. Nice. Well done Christians. Well done Atheists. May you all eternally enjoy throwing around hate mail and tired rhetoric.

And may the noodly appendage touch you all.

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  1. storm petrel says:

    Pasta keeps well dry, good for ships, and fish go well with it, there are many types of pasta and noodle and many ways to eat them to keep us from getting bored, so you can have as much seafood as you like…and feel free to share your favourite recipies with the rest of us.

  2. Capn Cappellini says:

    Why do FSMers react negatively to SPAMites? Is it the denial of pirates part? How about the Pastafarii that replace pirates with ninjas(?)!! Are they also on the outs? Note that I do find the Way of Yo intriguing but the absence of pirates troubling.

    Being landlocked I now will start getting ready to lurk along the pikes and prowl among the lanes as behooves a highwayman. You know, ten league boots, a brace of pistols, and a spirited equine partner-in-crime. And later the company of a tavern wench with a tankard of porter to share the booty! Argh, heaven on earth!!!!!! (tavern wenches are safer, they do not usually wear glitter!)

    BTW: Anyone planning on having spaghetti squash this Thanksgiving?
    A possible schism waiting to happen, or a non-carb acceptable variation on the theme?

  3. Wench Cyka says:

    @ Bill
    You remind me Waaaay too much of all that Camus I was forced to wade through in high school. The deepest irony is that he was taught as the poster child for Transcendentalism when he exclaimed all his life that he was indeed not a Transcendentalist. I tried to argue with my teacher that this should mean we should not be forced to learn his work to represent this philosophy, but you can guess how far I got with that. All I can say is that you both make my eyes cross. I’m sorry if this upsets you in any way, but it’s the truth. Arguing mathematics and philosophy in the same sentence is always a bad mix. I’m not certain, but I think different sides of the brain should be involved. There. There’s my 2 cents.

  4. Apprentice Frederic says:

    @Wench Cyka
    Impressed that you were oppressed by Camus in H.S.; I didn’t get that much in college. My favorite existentialist was Demasiado Desayunos y Comida…. But as well as I understand your comments, I think you’re right. Philosophy is always dicey, and especially so when mathematical or other scientific findings – which are, thank FSM, continually updated – are “mixed” in.
    BTW, can we refer, after this, to a pasta child, rather than a poster child???

  5. Wench Cyka says:

    @ Fred
    I’m surprised you haven’t noticed my big nouth on this site before! Of course I’m a pasta child! I know I’ve been a little quiet lately, but wow, I guess I really must be lax in my obnoxious duties. I’ll try to do better, dern health issues! Not to worry, you’ll hear from me again =)

  6. Cap'n Stubing says:

    As a recent convert to FSM (from Hedonism…just couldn’t find enough reading material to kill time at work), I have a quick question.
    I haven’t been able to read the Gospel yet, and I’d like to know if there is an official holiday during the upcoming season. I’m familiar with 9-19 as Pirate day…but anything else?

  7. Seeker of the Truth says:


    I am not sure if this is the right place for this posting. I only know it is very difficult to post to Bobby’s page. This may be because I am a Novice in the cyber-world. Next, July I will be sixty-nine and a half and half way through my current life cycle so I still have time to learn.

    @Bill Fairfull, question? I thought two negatives made a bigger negative. However, I am still learning. Hence my name.

    As a Seeker of the Truth I have looked many places for THE answer. Needless to say I have not yet found it. Their have been many who would give me their answer but not any proof as of yet. You see I have only found theories, theories without proof. I have read many, many books but in the end I always come to the same conclusion, this is only one persons opinion. An opinion without proof. The Bible (only as an example, as one could apply it to all religious instruction books) are a group of stories written by human men and women. They were translated by other human men and women. And then as I recall not all of these stories (gospels) made it to the New Testament. Now if all of these stories are about a person, upon whom a religion is based, then why are not all of the stories acceptable? To go a step further why is it that different people interrupt the Bible differently? Why is it that they say this is THE proof? This can be said of all the religious books. I know now here comes the hate mail and the threats to my life. It is far easy to dis or kill the questioner than to answer his or her questions. As a Seeker of the Truth, I know this to be true.

    In the end when I go to my “just rewards” I am sure I will find the answer and who knows maybe the answer will be a Flying Spaghetti Monster. However, as a Seeker I shall continue to look. In the meantime, I shall continue to enjoy the strange phenomena that sometimes come my way. What you ask? Out-of-body! Ghosts! Magic! Pregognition! A view of the future! A sense of past-life experiences! A beautiful sunrise or sunset! The beauty of a snowflake! The marvels of nature! Animals! People! A new lesson learned. One is never too old to learn! A day without learning is a day without life.

    Sorry! for the long dissertation.

    May your God or Goddess or whatever always be with you, if that is what you need.

  8. Pluto (Sorry he upset Captain Codpiece, please know his mighty heart is broken) says:

    @Seeker of the Truth- “Now if all of these stories are about a person, upon whom a religion is based, then why are not all of the stories acceptable? To go a step further why is it that different people interrupt the Bible differently? Why is it that they say this is THE proof? This can be said of all the religious books.”
    Well the reason is, regardless of original intent, religion is used by the corrupt to control the week willed and ignorant. There a thousand of examples, Jim Jones is but one, heavens gate cult another (both had orchestrated group suicides which seem only to have fuelled the megalomania of the cult leaders). Those in control usually tip their hand at some point (i.e. Ted Haggard, Bush) and revel their true nature, what ever that happens to be. They can then use clever (?) manipulation of scripture to spin things in their favour.
    For them the truth is the power in the lie. Some times the lie appears to have gotten so big it has consumed them and they don’t know the truth any more.
    Why promote intelligent design and claim that is fact when you have no evidence and just quote a religious book as proof?
    To the educated it seems absurd but it still happens.
    Now evolution is only a theory, true enough. However it is backed up by the available evidence. This is what the truth is. The world is full of uncertainty, but some things are more uncertain than others. And of course some are just ridicules.
    Never stop seeking the truth! You will probably never find it, but at least you try. Better than wallowing in ignorance.

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