I really find this whole discussion to be rather hilarious

Published November 11th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

From Beth:

I really find this whole discussion to be rather hilarious…

Let me explain, I’m a xian. Indeed, I am a grad student of theology. Did Bible College… the whole bit. And I also absolutely love CoFSM. I promoted it around the College, and even hosted a pirate day there (though most people didn’t know ALL they were celebrating…). I am in total sympathy with the fact that ID does not belong in science class. I love the “parody”, and the satire is killer.

What is hilarious? That Xians say ridiculous, dumb things about other people’s beliefs (or lack thereof), and feel all superior and cool for that, and yet, what is the difference here? It’s like everyone gets a kick out of telling everyone else that they are stupid. Nice. Well done Christians. Well done Atheists. May you all eternally enjoy throwing around hate mail and tired rhetoric.

And may the noodly appendage touch you all.

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  1. Cal says:

    If you read some books you would realise that a powerful “being” designing dna, is incredibly more unlikely than dna happening by itself. The designer must be almost infinitely more complicated than the design. This means dna just “happening” is much more likely no matter how unlikely it is.

  2. Boheme Wench says:

    Finally, someone who went to a bible college gets us! Well done Beth!

  3. Old Grouch says:

    I have often wondered what the problem was/is with the two words, “Intelligent Design”. By themselves, that is.

    What is “Chaos Theory”? What is “String Theory”? (An amplification on noodliness, perhaps? Or a counter proposition based upon the “Everlasting Ball of Kniting Yarn” that so many of our good elderly ladies have about today?)

    Heraclitus, back some 3,000 years ago – or so – said: “You never step into the same river twice”. Einstein posited: “E=MCsquared” (I don’t have provision for math keys on this machine.)

    Or even, “Creation Science”, for that matter? Does the theorist “create” the theory? If not, who/what does/did?

    Did we all come up through the “Sipapu” – or our ancestors before us? If we claim both “intelligence” and “sentience”, how did these originate? Do they even exist? Are we all just fooling ourselves by telling ourselves that “we think we think”. “Cogito, ergo sum.” Or am I? Is anybody?

    What is a “Bible University”?

    DUH! That’s enough for now. I’m getting a headache. Or . . . ?

  4. Pasta Dutchie says:

    After reading ALL the way down this posting, all I can say is:
    Arrrrrrghhhh me hearties – ’tis time for grog ‘n pasta.
    Ahoy & rAmen

  5. Cabin Boy Jon says:

    It’s great christians come to this wonderful site, we welcome people of all faiths.

    Remember Pastafarianism is the only religion in the world that have a 30 day (money back?) guarantee. If after 30 days of lose moral values, drinking in excess and chasing wenches you don’t feel the FSM is for you , you can go back to your old god who will take you back (probably)

    No strings attached (well maybe a few noodles but you can eat them)

  6. Apprentice Frederic says:

    @Bill Fairfull
    Late last night, I lay below decks listening to the ship’s timbers creak (or was it the bunk that the Cap’n and the First Mate share?), and I thought about probability for a while: Imagine you have 150 different marbles and 150 boxes (those are CARDBOARD boxes, me laddie, we’ll get to wenches another time…) to put them in (1 to a box) at random. The probability of any particular outcome is – I’m pretty sure – smaller than 1 in 10^150. There are several sobering points; one is that the probability of the current arrangement of sand grains on Pismo Beach is mindboggling past human comprehension and still almost surely random. Another is – maybe – that somebody has been misquoted. Still another is that probability is, generally speaking, poorly understood (I speak of myself) and often applied in slightly nutty ways. Maybe, just maybe, even by Nobel Prize winning nuclear-quantum-electrodynamic-astrophysical-cosmo-molecular dudes.
    @all: Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! My first taste of Pastafarianism was at a Thanksgiving where we lad lasagna. Transcendent!

  7. Cal says:

    good point, well made frederic

  8. Pasta Dutchie says:

    You see,
    What rather concerns me is the place of Fish & Chips in this wonderful new creed/religion/cult/loose-association-of-like-minded-fans-of-noodle-based-supernatural-beings we find ourselves in.
    Look, I appreciate what wonders await us in His Noodly Prescence once we shuffle off this mortal coil (and finally get away from lunatic xians), what with beer, strippers and all that, but as a pirate-biased organisation, surely we must realise that while out on the high seas, there’s not a whole lot of fresh pasta to be had and an awful lot of fish….
    I mean, I obviously have taken on this new life with gusto (me hearties), but I’m concerned that after a life of reversing global warming by accepting His Noodly Instruction to wear pirate garb etc. I might miss out on seafoody delights in the afterwife….
    Can anyone enlighten me??.

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