Hate church fined $10.9 million

Published November 1st, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


The church behind the hate-protest of a Marine’s funeral last year has been told to pay $10.9 Million.

Last year they caused outrage when they attended the funeral of Matthew Snyder with signs reading “Thank God for dead soldiers” and “You’re going to hell”.

On Wednesday, the jury ordered the church and three of its leaders to pay $2.9m in compensatory damages, and an additional $8m for invasion of privacy and for causing emotional distress.

This is the group behind the “God Hates Fags” campaign, as well.

This is my favorite part:

The church cited its constitutional right to free speech in its defence.

You can say whatever you want, but you can be held responsible for the consequences of what you say. Like, for example, if you bring a hate-parade to a Marine’s funeral and scar his family for life.

It makes me happy that the Church of FSM is tolerant and rejects action of hate.

Here is the link.

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  1. Alchemist says:

    “No militia is going to take on an M1A1 or an F-22.”
    That would depend upon whether they thought the cause was worth dying for!
    Surely nobody would strap C4 around their body and blow themselves up. Or set fire to themselves in protest?

  2. El Peatieablo says:

    @James Madison
    You sure know a lot about the constitution. It’s almost as if you wrote the thing… :)
    Sorry, didn’t quite type it right. I meant that a militia can’t take them all down (assuming the military is competent). On the other hand, you need a lot of people with C4 strapped around them to get past the machine guns protecting the heavy equipment of a modern military. The main point I was trying to make was that you don’t have to sacrifice either freedom of speech or the right to bear arms to have the other.

  3. James Madison says:

    Yes, well, I did have some help. ;)

  4. Robert Hood says:

    I just want to say that I do believe that Ghandi-esque passive ressistance is vastly preferable to violence. preventing bloodshed is allways a good thing.
    @ Peter: It COULD have been taken as mockery when you “-rolls eyes-“ed at me. If that was not your intention, then I apologize. I brought up the street thing as an example of when a right should be limited: The right to peaceably assemble doesn’t mean you can gather IN THE MIDDLE OF the street (i.e., in traffic).
    I was actually born and raised in California, San Francisco no less. I don’t belong to a militia and don’t even know how to operate a gun. Yes, in today’s society (in Developed countries, at least) discussion is favored over force. But if that ever changes, I want to be at least mentally prepared to deal with it.

  5. storm petrel says:

    @ El Peatieablo, you’d be surprised at the damage paramilitaries/militias can do to armies, if people feel strongly enough about something, they can train and get their hands on pretty powerful weapons, why do you think it’s so important to get all the paramilitaries in Northern Ireland decommissioned?
    Has anyone ever organised a counter protest at a time when WBC are going to be holding one of their demonstrations?

  6. Fool says:

    How effective can a militia be? head to head more than likely they would loose, but very few if any use conventional warfare, they tend to use guerilla and other unconvetional tactics to get the results they want, which can be just spread a message or overthrow a government.
    Don’t take my word for it. Look at what happened to the world trade center in New York. all you need is a determined group of people with enough faith in their cause to change the way things are.
    How come the US military cannot defeat the insurgents in Iraq? and let me tell you the insurgents don’t come close to having any weapons that would do some serious damage to the US military.
    I don’t believe that the right to arm bears is still valid. the only people the really benefit from this are the criminals. Too many drive by shootings, hold ups and road rage.
    on the other hand until as a country we give up the second amendment I will defend it.

  7. enigma1375 says:

    Sorry to veer from the socio-economic/militia/revolutionary talk that seems to have sprung up in recent posts but I’d just like to say that I’m glad to see that The Little Church of Hate is finally being made to pay for their harassment. Free speech is one thing, outright harassment is quite another.
    I actually missed a great opportunity to see Fred Phelps and his extended family live and in person. A few years ago there was a sexual abuse/hazing incident at a summer football camp for a high school near me. Basically, seniors sodomized younger players with various objects against their will. I have no idea what that has to do with football or camaraderie but I guess that’s why I never played high school sports. Anyway, the Phelps clan showed up and protested, I think they were calling for harsher penalties for the offenders but I’m not sure, since their message always seems to be “God Hates Fags” and such, no matter what they’re protesting. I didn’t find out about their appearance until the next day and I have to admit that it’s one my great regrets. Rarely do you get the chance to see such an immense level of hatred and ignorance up close and I missed it.

  8. Darwinfish says:

    @ Fool:
    “recent event of MIGHT IS RIGHT, George Bush and Iraq war…”
    Yes, he has the might. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the brain to use the might rationally. If you give an angry five-year old a chainsaw, it’s not going to be pretty (assuming that the kid can even start the thing). I’m with Mandela on this one, go nonviolent until it is painfully obvious that that won’t work. Then and only then, having exhausted all other methods, should you take up arms, and even then with reservations. This is especially true now, with the middle east as unstable as it is.

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